The Nun

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The Nun’s Priest Tale Essay, Research Paper The Nun’s Priest Story In the “Nun’s Priest Tale” the story was mainly about a rooster name Chanticleer who has a dream about the future. This rooster is the leader of a small farm, which all the animals in it admire. Chanticleer has very strong legs with large and sharp claws; also he is more exact than a clock for his singing. He is love by many ladys (chickens) but his heart belongs to the nicest and sweetest of all her name is Lady Pertelote. And is this lady who makes him dough about his dream. Because when Chanticleer dreams about being kill by a fox, she ignores him. Lady Pentelope convinced him that it is foolish believe on dreams, and that he should not paid attention to it. So, Chanticleer ignores the dream that

had him worry. Then next morning an animal of bright red hair appear in the farm and approach to Chanticleer. It was the fox that Chanticleer had dreamed about. The fox had being washing Chanticleer for quite of time and had intentions of killing him. With a very smart move the fox convince Chanticleer of singing as laugh as he can. When he was about to perform his singing the fox grab Chanticleer by the throat and run away with him. All animals in the farm as soonest they realize what had just happened when after the fox to try to save Chanticleer. But the rooster was also very intelligent, so he put together a plan while being capture. He plans to persuade the fox to turn around and yield to the other animals to stop running. And so the fox did it and as soonest he opens his

mouth Chanticleer fly away to a tree and save him self. This story really first capture my attention by the use of personification thru out the whole story. This is the use of animals or objects to perform the role of persons. Also, I like the part when Chanticleer was expressing his feelings and emotions about his dream to Pentelope. I though it was silly that regardless of the two pages of explanation given by Chanticleer she ignores it. Lady Pentelope thought that he was putting too much attention to a stupid dream therefore he was feeling bad. This was silly in the way that this is the exact way that most of the woman are. You can spend all the time in the world trying to explain them what is battering you, and they think is only yourself. Another thing that I enjoy about

“The Nun’s Priest Tale” is the intelligence of Chanticleer to persuade the fox. Not every body is able to think clear when they are put under pressure or scare. Nevertheless, Chanticleer was able to trick the fox to open his mouth. And by doing so Chanticleer was able to escape being kill. One thing that it kind of didn’t make sense to me was how it was possible that the fox got trick. Because it was first the fox who use that trick to capture Chanticleer to sing as laugh as he could. But the Chanticleer convince him to open his mouth.