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visitors stayed away from the park. Operational errors that easily could have been avoided accounted for more troubles than were expected at EuroDisney. In regards to employees, alcohol, admission and hotel prices, hotel breakfasts, staffing problems, and regulations regarding pets, many problems were cause for EuroDisney’s misfortunate first year. The employee dress code enforced on employees prohibited facial hair and limited the use of makeup and jewelry. “The French didn’t think dress standards like these existed outside the West Point military academy.” Since this caused much discontent, Disney has relaxed on rules regarding personal grooming. “The ban on alcohol caused astonishment in a country where a glass of wine for lunch is a given and it is almost as

necessary as a fork.” How banning alcohol in this theme park could have ever been a consideration is unbelievable and since it was such a major issue this policy of not serving alcohol in the park as since been reversed. Prices revolving around EuroDisney were also the cause of it not making a profit. “Consultants who have studied the park say that its high admission price-30% more than at Disney World in Orlando-makes visitors keen to take as many rides as possible, so they spend less time shopping for Mickey Mouse ears and such.” Prices at hotels were so high that staying overnight for many visitors was out of the question. Plus, with inexpensive charter transatlantic flights and the lower prices prevailing in the United States, they could travel there for the same amount

as going to Paris and Florida’s sunshine was an added bonus. All of these price issues cause potential consumers to stay away from EuroDisney. In regards to hotels, the restaurants were downsized because Disney executives were told that Europeans “don’t take breakfast,” and when the park opened everybody showed up for breakfast. “They were trying to serve 2,500 breakfasts in a 350-seat restaurant at some of the hotels and lines were horrendous. Lunch turned out to be another problem. Everyone wanted to eat lunch at 1:30 and cast members were used to calm down surly patrons and engage in some ‘behavior modification’ to teach them they could eat lunch at 11am or 2pm.” There were staffing problems too. Disney had tried to use the same teamwork model it had with its

staff in America and Japan but it did not work in France. “Within the first nine weeks of EuroDisney’s operation, roughly 1,000 employees, 10 percent of the total, left.” People were leaving because they felt that they were not being understood and they were not being treated in a manner that suited them. Disney also thought that Monday would be a light day and Friday would be a heavy day and staffed accordingly. In reality this was reversed and Mondays were very busy days at EuroDisney. This caused major rescheduling problems with the staff and with the staff’s supervisor’s making the schedules. It was also difficult to forecast how many visitors to expect and it was a struggle to staff the correct amount of people for different seasons of travel because in France

workers rights are protected under the law. EuroDisney also had to compromise and build accommodations for visitor’s pets. “The thought of leaving a pet home during vacation is considered irrational by many French people.” Disney had special kennels built to house visitor’s pets while they were enjoying the park out of respect for the French and their traveling needs in regards to their pets. These errors all could have easily been eliminated before EuroDisney opened. If the French culture would have been studied and worker’s needs would have been evaluated they could have been remedied before the park’s opening day. Price, promotion, and the product itself all are controlled by Disney and it seems that the efforts in regards to the marketing mix concerning EuroDisney

were very poor. In adding that to the mistakes involved in understanding the foreign restrictions involving the culture, the economy, political issues, the basis for competition and the overall cultural forces, all of this led to a miserable first year of EuroDisney. If anything positive can be noted about these errors, they caused an overdue realization by Disney that Europeans are different and they must be treated this way. Disney misunderstood what is important to the French people, which caused them to stay away. “They had been expected to make up 50 percent of the attendance figures?.and the French saw EuroDisney as American imperialism.” The people in France have their own cartoon characters and they do not need American ones to be forced upon them as EuroDisney was