The Nothing Cause And Effect Essay Research

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The Nothing/ Cause And Effect Essay, Research Paper The Nothing Introduction: The Trial and Death of Socrates, Romeo and Juliet and Huckleberry Finn are all classic literary works that involve a theme that reflects miscommunication. Defined, miscommunication is the * ?failure to communicate clearly?. What causes such a thing; and what are it?s effects? Thesis statement: Miscommunication is usually caused by a lack of trust and/or open-mindedness, which can have negative effects on people such as, lying to each other, fighting with each other, and, more often than not, ending in broken relationships. I. What causes miscommunication is not as easy to define as the word itself. A. Some may say it is caused by ?the generation gap?, others may say it is caused by ?the gender gap?,

and there are always those who will just stare blankly when approached on the subject matter. B. There is a vast amount of situations that ignite the effects of miscommunication, but they all can be narrowed down to one basic theory of the cause. C. This theory of cause can be worded as a basic fear of truthful and ?wide-open? interaction. II. Often times, people are not comfortable with being open and honest with each other for one reason or another. A. They don?t want to take responsibility for whatever the mishap and will lie or change their stories if they think it will support their cause. B. This in turn will begin a cycle, that if not broken, can escalate into a ?snow ball ? type of effect. C. No matter the situation, neither party, truthful or not, wants to take any of

the blame. This becomes an emotional logic where negative times positive sums up to be a negative every time. III. Lack of rational communication through lying and arguing builds up over time and leads down to the next step; fighting. A. It can be opinionated that usually it is the person who is at fault that will initiate a fight due to their own personal frustrations. B. Fighting peaks because of anger and evolves into resentment. C. These effects, although still effects of miscommunication, are what causes the breakdown of relationships. IV. The breakdown of relationships is the most serious and saddest effect miscommunication can bring about. A. This result usually ends in emotional serration?s that for most will last a lifetime because of something as foolish as pride. B.

These types of relationships are all; such as in marriages, between parent and child, siblings, friends, and co-workers. C. All in all, ends that are much more valuable than their means Conclusion: Miscommunication goes back, and even farther back than the time periods of Plato, Shakespeare, and as recent as Mark Twain. What can be done to resolve this timeless battle between man is as simple as making the effort to communicate clearly with understanding. However, stated, it is easy to see such a black and white resolution in black and white, because in reality, the lying, the fighting, and the severed relationships adds many shades of gray to the canvas. Bibliography it was required to have no bibleography