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page is more likely to be read if it is interesting to look at. You can create contrast with fonts and colors. Contrast can make a page more attractive, while at the same time making the purpose of the design much clearer. When working with contrast, you have to be brave. Don t try to contrast things that are similar. Have the guts to contrast something other than dark brown and dark blue. For the best design results determine what you want the focus of your design to be. Then use contrast to create that focus. If you re daring enough, contrast can be a great asset to your design. Contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity are the four basic principles to design. I learned how they work alone, but more importantly how each one of them works so much better when all four

principles are working together. I really liked this book because it gave many examples of each idea discussed. The author talks about not being afraid when it comes to design. Do the unexpected. This book was also a good learning tool. It contains quizzes throughout the book that help me to retain the information. This book was also fun and exciting to read. I am very interested in the visual aspect of layouts. So, taking time to read this book was a pleasure. I only wish my other classes were as enjoyable.