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in all parts of The United States. Proposed on June 13, 1866, and ratified on July 9, 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution stated that all people born in the United States should have equal rights. However, even after the Civil War, most African Americans were still not treated equally. In Mississippi, for example, all African Americans had to have proof of employment, or go to jail. In South Carolina, in order to work in a job that wasn?t on a farm, they needed to pay a heavy bond. The case of Plessy v. Ferguson challenged the Jim Crow laws of the South to the Fourteenth Amendment, but lost. The Technology of the Nineteenth Century was primitive compared to today?s standards, but was far more advanced compared to the technology of many countries at that time.

During the Nineteenth Century many things were invented, changed, or thought of in America. In the early Nineteenth Century, many settlers began moving west of the Ohio River, and wanted their territory to grow rapidly. They demanded an easier way to move from East to West. So, in 1811, work began on a road that led from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois. In 1840, farmer Cyrus Hall McCormick made a very wide known reaper. Art and music were very different in the Nineteenth Century. Music was greatly influenced from Overseas. Many Minstrel Shows, parody skits where artists would wear black makeup to impersonate African Americans. The skits had songs, skits, dances, and comedy routines that showed how the performer felt about African Americans. The music didn?t portray

African American music, but had some elements such as the instruments. Some songs protested slavery or the end to the use alcohol. During the Civil War, many songs were Dixie-Style songs, especially in the South. After the Civil War, many African Americans began singing. By the end of the Century, the most popular kind of music was the kind played in Tin Pan Alley. Musical Comedy Skits were preformed on pianos the artists called tin pans. Also, Ragtime was also invented in the Nineteenth Century. Most families in the Nineteenth Century were made of a husband and a wife, and their children. Until the Civil War, most homes in the Southern States had slaves, also. Most children moved out after school, however a few stayed at home. The divorce rate in the Nineteenth Century was very

low, approximately two to three percent. This was because most religions did not permit divorce, and most men wouldn?t leave a woman and her children alone. Many young girls married in the South at ages as low as thirteen. This was not uncommon, and there were many women who were grandmothers before the age of 30. Most houses, except for ones of more affluent people, had little or no furniture, and only two or three rooms. As you can see, the Nineteenth Century American was very different from you and I.