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the ship seemed to double, the vessel now not only was making it to the proper ports on time with no problems, but they were getting there faster, the ship was looking better because of the extra work done by the crew and the atmosphere was much better. This was only one instance that I was able to get a good look at how two entirely different ways of leading worked for the same cause. Even though one seemed better than the other, they both did the job and to the company that is all that mattered. Here at the Merchant Marine Academy I have witnessed many different types of leadership, not only in my superiors, but in my peers as well. This being my senior year I have been able to watch and learn the effective ways and the non-effective ways one should use in obtaining their goal.

One great example is that of the Beat Retreat. Being in Band Company, we have a very important performance that requires a lot of teamwork and dedication. This is extremely hard to do if you have a poor leadership in the Band Company Officers. Now this year s performance went off with very little practice preparation, as compared to last year s preparation. The difference between the two is due greatly between the different ways that the leaders worked. Last years Band Master tried forcing issues that really didn t need to be forced and wasted valuable time enforcing these. This years Band Master was able to utilize his time to effectively get the job done, while still giving his band members the satisfaction of not wasting time. Leadership is a very hard thing to accomplish due

to the fact that there are simply too many variables that go into creating a perfect leader. However to be an effective leader you must have a good gripe on most of the skills as well as being able to excel in a few. The only way to become an effective leader is to watch and learn from others and your own personal experiences. Different organizations each have there own specific way of teaching effective leadership, but when it really comes down to it, the organization doesn t teach you how to become the effective leader, you yourself can only do that.