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Grace repeats this phrase to herself while Harriet is confronting her. She feels she did her part to help Harriet get through a tough time. The reader gets a glance at what Grace really did to Harriet: ?You never took showers or baths. You wore your clothes until they were filthy. You smelled. You stank. You cried yourself to sleep every night.? Grace and her friends were not very friendly towards Harriet. Although it may not be justified to the reader, in Grace?s own eyes, she feels justified what she did to Harriet. Because of this justification, Grace is able to pardon herself, and forgive herself of the way she treated Harriet. I?m sure everyone does this in their life. They try to justify what they did, or didn?t do, to make themselves feel better. Looking back on my life, I

have tried to justify some of the actions I have taken towards others. I know what I did was wrong, but I don?t want to face what I did as a wrongdoing, so I try to excuse my actions. Reading about how Grace treated Harriet makes me look at how I treat others I come in contact with during my life. Everyone is going through a tough time some point in their life, and I need to realize that, and be friendly with everyone. Being friendly never killed anyone. Throughout life, we are pardoned many times for the actions we do. In ?The Night Nurse,? Grace Burkhardt is given grace three ways. Her life was saved, and she was given more time to live; she was forgiven by Harriet Zink for actions she committed many years before; and she pardons herself for the way she treated Harriet.