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When I asked if anything would get her to quit smoking she said, in a determined tone, the only reason for quitting now is purely for vanity. She doesn?t like the bags under her eyes, dry wrinkles, or the rashes she gets . She complained of hair falling out, teeth being stained, and of the bad breath resulting from her lighting up. ?I no longer believe anyone?s coming along to rescue me from myself, from my diseases, from my obsessions, from my addiction. It?s something I have to do, and I?m beginning to feel despaired because I?m beginning to feel like it?s too late, and that scares me,? she added. ?I can?t think of a good reason to smoke except I want to.? Finally, I was curious to know what she would put on the side of cigarette boxes where the Surgeon Generals warning is now.

?If I was the Surgeon General, I would say on the side of the cigarette pack, ?Cigarettes are sort of a form of assisted suicide…why don?t you just jump off a roof??? Talking with my aunt about her addiction was very helpful for me. She has been smoking for over 20 years and if she wanted to quit, she would have done it by now. The fact of the matter is, she is happy with herself. She likes smoking. Although I don?t condone smoking, I feel that if people know the consequences for their actions, let them be happy, for the time being. I think my aunt is one of the most interesting people I know, and I hold nothing against her because she smokes. Everyone has their faults, this just happens to be hers. In spite of the addiction, I still love her.