The Never Ending Love Essay Research Paper

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The Never Ending Love Essay, Research Paper The Never Ending Love It was a cold and dreary day. One of those days where you wish you could just stay at home, and in your bed. Everything was going great until I found myself following the same path that I had been for some time now. It was the long and dreary path that had plagued me many times before. No, It was no road or sidewalk, but it was the path of sorrow that beset me every day around this time. I would walk down this path every time I would think about Jill, and every day I sit there and wish I had done something to save her. I should have stayed there and done something for her. If only I could turn back time and do it all over again my Jill might still be alive today. So the same goes for both Gordon Nickles and the

boy from Araby. If only the fear of the unknown had not captured them up they both might have gotten the loves of there life. In the two stories we see two different boys each with there own infatuations. On the one hand we have a boy who falls in love with a girl who is becoming a nun. In the case of Gordon Nickles we have a boy who falls in love with someone else s girlfriend. In both these instances we have two boys trying to go after something that they can t have, but they press on anyway. Each in there own way trying to catch the prize anyway that they possibly could. Both boys had major roadblocks in their way. The boy from Araby had no chance of every getting to be with the girl of his dreams because the Catholic Church would not allow that. Gordon had similar problems,

but his was with the boy friend of the one he loved. Who was in fact his best friend who would always brag about being with Gordon s dream girl. Both stumbling blocks kept bumping both boys back farther from their dream girls, and also brought there hopes of ever being with these girls father and father down. Finally, these two boys had a sense of fear that tore them away from everything they believed in and hoped for. For the boy in Araby it was his lose for his religious believes, and for Gordon it was the loss of everything in him. Araby lost everything when he found that he was never going to get the girl of his dreams. When Gordon Nickles lost the girl, it was if he lost a piece of himself. Everything that these boys hoped and dreamed for went down the drain, and it was all

over women. It shows that women are a controlling factor of every man s life, and that men cannot live without them. Gordon Nickles was a very interesting person. On the outside he was a very shy predictable person, but there was something that drove him. It was as if something was controlling him more powerful then anything on this earth. Maybe it was his own intuition that made him the way he was. All in all Gordon Nickles was a pretty messed up human being that only thought about himself. Who are we to judge someone s character? The way someone acts is up to there own self. Let s stop characterizing one another, and start shaping ourselves the way we want others to see us.