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sanctions on them, the human rights abuses appear to have significantly decreased.(Levy 421) According to U.S. News and World Report, January 15, 1998, South Korea s new President Kin Dae Jung publicly called for the lifting of United States Sanctions on North Korea, and during the pope s visit to Cuba in January of 1998, he deplored the U.S. sanctions against Cuba.(Omstad 44) Sanctions do not decrease the likelihood of war. Sanctions actually increase the chance of war. Many people argue that sanctions will prevent war, but sanctions have caused war in the past. The first recorded use in history of economic sanctions helped to trigger the Peloponnesian War.(Weiss 507) Also in December of 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This invasion caused the United States to get involved in

World War II, which eventually killed thousands upon thousands of Americans soldiers. The Japanese had not attacked the United States, until the United States imposed an embargo on Japan.(Weiss 507) In conclusion, it has become apparent that U.S. sanctions are ineffective, and actually do more damage to human rights than help. when the cost of sanctions are weighed with the benefits of sanctions we relize that there are very few, if any benefits, and the costs are immense. These costs include shunning by the world of innocent children, a lack of much needed dugs and medical supplies in third world countries, and a hit to the United States economy. All of these factors state that the use of economic sanctions to achieve U.S. foreign policy goals is not moral.