The Need For Peace In The Middle

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The Need For Peace In The Middle East Essay, Research Paper The Need For Peace in the Middle East The quest for peace in the Middle East has been going on for decades. It all started in 1948 when Israel declared its independence and fought Arab nations to secure it. However, the Arabs were left unsatisfied while the Israelis wanted more control over land. In 1967, the ?six-day war? erupted, resulting with Israel seizing the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The war left the situation unchanged and the Arabs and Israelis have been fighting ever since. Middle East peace is important because without an agreement, both sides will remain hostile towards each other and wars will be constantly taking place. Numerous people will be killed and a settlement

won?t be reached. Jerusalem, the creation of a Palestinian state, and American and International aid are the top three issues that need to be resolved. Jerusalem is the holy city for Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Jerusalem is the sticking point of the peace summit and is the most difficult issue as it is virtually impossible to please both sides. Presently, Israel has control over the city. Israel insists on retaining sovereignty over the ?eternal? city and hopes a deal will win world recognition of that right. Palestinians, on the other hand, wish to reclaim east Jerusalem for the capital of a new Palestinian state and want to share sovereignty. This issue should be resolved by making Jerusalem ?no man?s land?. Jerusalem should be governed by an independent, neutral third

party. Palestinians and Israelis would share it, as neither party would have control. If the Christians can share it with the Jews and Arabs, why can?t the Jews and Arabs share with each other? The creation of a Palestinian state is one of the main issues the Palestinians are fighting for. In order to become a state, territory, government, population, and sovereignty are needed. Palestinians already have a population and government and need control over territory in order to acquire sovereignty, which would enable them to become an independent state. The Palestinians feel that an independent state is necessary. It will relieve those who wish to escape from religious persecution in Israel and allow Palestinians to have what they?ve always wanted. Ehud Barak, the Prime Minister of

Israel, fears that the creation of a Palestinian state will threaten Israel, as the Palestinians will be given such a status that they may try to take over Israel in the future. The best solution is to give the Palestinians total control over the West Bank. The Palestinians will be pleased to have their own independent state and Israel will still have control over Gaza and the Jordan Valley. American and International aid needs to be distributed fairly between the Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinians are in need of more financial assistance to compensate for refugees and to help form a new Palestinian state. Yassar Arafat has asked for $40 billion in International Aid to resettle and compensate for refugees. Israelis are seeking an upgraded security relationship with the

United States and feel that they need money and weaponry for political security. Palestinians should receive more of the American and International aid because they are in more need of it. They should be granted with the full $40 billion to compensate for refugees and set up a new state. Israelis should receive a much lower suffice of money as they are not in desperate need. Japan and Europe should provide them with their needed weaponry. These solutions fulfill the desires of both sides and provide the needed support and financial aid. Having Jerusalem controlled by an outside party eliminates the endless disputes over territory and who has the right to control it. Giving the Palestinians their own independent state, satisfies their wishes to control the West Bank, yet also does