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again felt like she wasn t good enough. Her husband wrapped around her …modest garments of everyday wear, whose poverty clashed with the elegance of the ball costume. She didn t want to be noticed with these rags because she fooled everyone at ball into thinking she was one of them. Things look differently on the outside then they do on the inside. If people would have looked a little closer, they would have realized that she wasn t the real thing. She was only an imitation of a wealthy woman, in reality she wasn t worth anything materially at all. When Mme Loisel got home that night, she realized that she no longer had the necklace. At this moment her and her husbands life would be changed forever. To pay back the necklace Mr. Loisel … compromised his whole existence,…[he]

risked his signature, without even knowing whether he could make it good or not, and,.. [above all he]… was harassed by anxiety for the future…. (Maupassant 36) They had to give up everything they ever had and live like common folk. Mrs. Loisel now knew the horrible life of necessity. (Maupassant 36) Maupassant used the necklace to represent the best day of Mme Loisel s life and also the worst days of her life. The necklace showed how looks can be deceiving. The necklace fooled Mme Loisel just as she had fooled everyone at the party. She sparkled and was the center of attention. Everyone believed she was wealthy and worth something, but underneath that dress she was just a poor middle class woman. The necklace did the same thing. On the outside, it shone, and sparkled and

fooled her into thinking it was real, on the inside the jewels …were not worth over five hundred francs! (Maupassant 38) Things are not always as they seem. Mme Loisel would never have believed that Mrs. Forestier had costume jewelry, she too also fooled Mme Loisel in to thinking wealth was perfect. In reality nothing really is. Lange/4 Mme Loisel would often think about life before she lost the necklace. How would it have been if she had not lost that necklace? Who knows? Who knows? How singular is life, and how full of changes! How small a thing will ruin or save one! (Maupassant 37) Everyone at one point in their life has almost certainly asked themselves, what would life be like today if I had done something differently. Its almost impossible to imagine what our life would

be like today if we had only done this or had not done that. Its hard to tell because there are so many roads in life to be taken. Not all roads are the right roads, but if one happens to go down the wrong road, it may teach a very valuable lessons that will help them to make better decisions in the future. I am sure Mme Loisel has learned her lesson. I am sure she is no longer greedy and selfish. I hope she is grateful for what she has, and I hope she realizes that things are not always as perfect as they seem.