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The Necklace Essay, Research Paper Looks Can be Deceiving Madame Loisel is a greedy and selfish woman who forever changes her and her husbands life through being greedy and bringing on financial ruin. When Mr. Loisel brings home an invitation for them to attend and upper class party, he thought his wife will be delighted. However, nothing seems to please her enough. When she borrows a diamond necklace from her friend Mrs. Forestier, to wear to the ball, she has no idea how that necklace will rearrange her values and change her and her husbands life forever. Her greed and desire doesn t get her anywhere in life, it only causes her grief. She thought the high class luxurious life was perfect and unblemished. But nothing, as Mme Loisel will come to learn is as perfect as it may

seem on the outside, looks can be very deceiving. One decision based on desire and greed can dramatically change a life forever, and that s just what the necklace did. The necklace represented everything Mme Loisel did and did not desire. Mme Loisel lived a very comfortable middle class life. She had everything she needed to survive and more. She had a working husband who loved her very much, a middle class apartment, and even a maid who did all of the house work for her. But what she had could never be enough. She always wanted more. All these things, which another woman of her station would not have noticed, tortured and angered her. (Maupassant 31) Mme Loisel didn t live poorly. Her selfish and greedy ways only made her feel as thought she did. To her husband, their middle

class home was pleasant. But she wanted more, she wanted jewels, silks, and men flaunting over her at all hours. … she loved [and wanted] only those things. She felt that she was made for them (Maupassant 32), and she wouldn t be happy until she got what she wanted. However, Lange/ 2 even when she did get what she most desired, it never seemed enough, she always wanted more. Mr. Loisel did everything in his power to please her. But nothing was ever enough. She was selfish and always wanted more. She was not grateful for what she had or what her husband did for her. This selfishness and ungratefulness leads up to the downfall of her life. Examples of her ungratefulness include four incidents starting with the evening when her husband brought her the invitation. She became upset

and mumbled What do you suppose I want with this. (Maupassant 33) She finally had the chance to go to an upper class party which she so often dreamed of, but instead of being happy, she wanted more. The party wasn t enough. She needed a dress. The second incident of ungratefulness is when she must have a dress for the party. Her husband bought her a four hundred franc dress, but on the day of the party, the dress was no longer good enough. The third incident is when she wanted jewels, something… to adorn [herself] with. (Maupassant 33) Her dress was no longer good enough for the party and without the jewels she would not go. Must having the jewels for the party is the third incident. She asks her friend Mrs. Forister is she could borrow some jewels. Her friend consents and

shows Mme Loisel her collection of jewels. The fourth incident is when Mme Loisel asks Mrs. Forister is she has anything else. These jewels were not good enough for her. She finally choose a diamond necklace, the best she could find. These fourth incident play a large role in Mme Loisel s fall. If she had not always wanted bigger and better things she never would have borrowed the necklace. These incidents show that nothing could ever really make Mme Loisel truly happy. Even if she had all the luxuries she could ever dream of, she would still not be satisfied and would long for more. Lange/3 At the party Mme Loisel was …the prettiest of all, elegant, gracious, smiling, and full of joy. (Maupassant 34) She had a great time at the ball, but when it was time to leave, she once