The Nazis And The Jews Essay Research

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The Nazis And The Jews Essay, Research Paper From 1933 to 1945 the Nazi party of Germany ruled over the German population. The Nazis (National Socialist Party) were ruled by Adolf Hitler. The Nazis main aim was to make Germany into a stronger more powerful country and to do this Hitler believed they must rid the country, and even the world if he had the chance, of the Jewish population. Hitler saw the Jews, as the cause of Germany?s fall in the First World War, according to Hitler Germany had been victim to Jewish conspiracy. He also blamed the Jews for the fact there were many people in Germany out of work, nearly 6,000,000.? Hitler had a master race, which were called the Aryan race, which he believed were the only people that should lead the world. This mater race had

blonde hair, blue eyes, were strong and German, bearing in mind Hitler did not fit into any of these categories. The Jewish race had already had problems in Europe and many stereotypes had been formed against them but they hadn?t had any problems for centuries. From 1933 to 1945 the Nazis murdered 6,000,000 Jews and millions of others. This tragedy, called the Holocaust, represents the world’s most overwhelming example of intolerance. The poster in source one is taken from an anti-Jewish film which was called ?The Jew as they have always been seen. This shows a picture of a stereotypical view of a Jewish person. The Jew has a big nose, which is saying that Jews are ugly, and loosely has some relation to crows, which have big hooked beaks and most people dislike them. In one

hand he is holding out money, showing them as moneylenders but in the other hand he is holding a whip, which symbolises that they would get the money back even if they had to use violence. In the top right corner there is a small map of Germany, it has the hammer and sickle on it, which was the symbol for communism. This is on the poster because the Jewish were associated with communism, which is another thing the Nazis saw as bad. This poster is not a good representation of the Jewish race because it was taken from and anti-Jewish film and is the Nazis wanted the public to believe Jews were like. Source two is a photograph of a German classroom. It shows the Jewish pupils in the class being humiliated in front of the class by other German pupils. The writing on the blackboard

say?s ?The Jews are our greatest enemy.? Jewish children were often persecuted in classrooms such as this one. ?I believe this to be evidence that we can trust because we have already read and heard about other cases in German schools. This source shows how the Nazis wanted to manipulate children?s views of Jewish people from and early age. Source three shows a picture taken from a German children?s book of how the Nazis wanted children to think of Jews. On the left hand side of the picture there are three Jewish men looking ugly with there big, hooked noses, they are just standing around talking which is showing that the Nazis wanted them to been seen as lazy and worthless. Just to the right of the old men are three crows, these crows are mirroring the Jewish men because no one

really likes crows and they are seen as dirty and good for nothing, just how the Nazis wanted to portray the Jews. This is good primary evidence because it was taken from the time and it is what we already know the Nazis wanted to portray Jewish people like. Source four is a photograph of part of the Nazi boycott of all Jewish businesses in April 1933. It shows three German SA soldiers in front of a Jewish shop with bars in front of it. The solider in the middle is holding a sign which say?s ?Don?t buy from Jews? This show that it wasn?t the ordinary public that orchestrated this but the Nazi government and army. This was just the beginning of the discrimination of the Jews. The Jewish people could not do anything to stop this happening because they were the minority. This photo