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The Nazi Party Essay, Research Paper The Nazi Party had a series of ideas which it incorporated into the regime. These ideas were all working together to help achieve Hitler s plans of conquest. Though it is argued that a lot of these ideas were more of a hindrance, than a help. One of the principle ideas of a fascist state is total control. Hitler used this principle to make the task of achieving all his other goals much easier. “The Reichstag has passed the following law the government is also able to pass laws.” In Article two:- ” The laws issued by the government shall be issued by the chancellor and published in the official gazette” Later on, another law was passed:- “The sole political party existing in Germany is the National Socialist German Workers

Party.” By Passing these laws, Hitler stood alone, as the sole dictator of Germany. By doing this, Hitler gained a lot of support, as well as a lot of criticism. But Hitler was able to use this total control to stop most the criticism turning into outright opposition. A lot of this power was filtered throughout society, and numerous changes took place. This Generally translated into the reduction of civil rights the people held. This meant things like unions were outlawed, political opinion was outlawed, freedom of speech was outlawed, freedom of press was outlawed, Hitler needed to gain 50% of the Reichstag to gain power. This meant that he had to appeal to many different groups if he was to gain power. He did this by offering something to almost everyone. The graph below

shows the amount of the Reichstag the Nazi party held in March 1933. This was still not enough to gain power. Hitler was forced to form a coalition government. He soon, however, pushed the other players in his coalition to the side, and with the untimely death of President Hindenberg, gained power. “We want work and bread, Vote Hitler!” The Nazi party gained a lot of success right across the country. But, the party had a different appeal to different groups. To the workers, it was plain and simple, work and bread, as stated above. To the resentful veterans of the War to End Wars, it was the abolition of the Versailles treaty and a new more powerful Germany. To the Business people, there was a promise they would be protected from the fouls of communism. So basically Hitler was

able to dangle a carrot in front of everyone s nose. By doing this Hitler was able to gain support from many people “In the near future, when we have gained power, we shall have the further duty of taking theses creators of ruin, these clouts, these traitors to their state, and hanging them to the gallows to which the belong. Let no-one think that in them has come a change of heart” Hitler gained a whole load of support from the soldiers of world war one. His ideas of destroying the treaty of Versailles and making Germany great once again appealed to the people. Speeches such as the one illustrated above, appealed to the nationalists. Many of these ex soldiers made up Hitler s SS and SA, and became instrumental in the regime. The fact that these men were fighting for Germany

once more, but from the inside. This resulted in a much improved national pride, and escalated nationalism. “What one could do with this peace treaty of Versailles! How this instrument of boundless blackmail and the most humiliating degradation could become the means in the hands of a willing government for the whipping up of national passions to boiling point! How with brilliant propagandistic exploitation of theses sadistic cruelties the indifference of a nation could be raised to indignation to the brightest fury!” This document, written by Adolf Hitler was typical of the feelings many ex-soldiers felt after the Versailles Treaty. They felt they had laid their lives on the line for nothing. Hitler s policy on the Versailles treaty was therefore extremely attractive to