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has come to an end. It does that by cutting off the flow of the narrative and lets the audience know that the story is finished. There are many different methods of doing this. You could project into the future or return to the time of the audience or go to a past time known to the audience or come back to the present time of the writing basically They lived happily ever after! There may also be more that one of these methods. 3. Treatment The treatment tells the full story, but not yet in fully crystallized scenes. Just as the motion picture occupies an intermediate area between the novel and stage play, the treatment may be considered a narrative description of the future script. (265:Vale) The treatment is an elaboration of the outline and the material is still more or less in

a fluid state, which creates room for correction and further progress. Even a good idea may not develop into a good story and only after we have seen through the flesh to the bones of the dramatic body are we able to recognize whether the story can live, or if it must break down. The last thing is distribution. In order to achieve the perfect distribution, you must first contemplate the beginning of the main intention and the beginning of the difficulty, the location of the climax, and the location of the main goal with respect to the end of the story. 4. Screenplay To explore all the possible variations of constructing a story is indeed an interesting and intriguing task. At this point utmost economy is essential; this economy has the added advantage of creating more powerful

situations. The screenplay completes the task of expression in terms of scenes. The sequence of scenes should be examined with regard to variation, change and contrast. If the story has been developed carefully up to this point, the writing of the screenplay is no radical departure from the previous stages, but merely a final crystallization of the material.