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but could not find the book. They actually did pass by it; but,not knowing what they were looking for, they did not take note ofthe book. The death of Severinus also followed along with the Bookof the Apostle, at the sound of the fourth trumpet, ?the third part ofthe sun will be smitten, and of the moon and the stars, so there willbe almost complete darkness.? They later realized that they had passed over the book. Bennohad laughed mischievously when William looked at the book anddismissed it. Therefore, Benno had known that this particular bookwas the one they were looking for and he did not tell them becausehe had to get this book back to Malachi in the library. The book wasin Arabic and they had not thought that it did not fit in with all ofSeverinus? other Greek and Latin

books. They later found out thatthe book was not just a book, but that it was several works in severaldifferent languages. The cellarer, Remigio, was arrested for Severinus? death becausehe was found at the scene of the crime making such a mess of theinfirmary. Bernard Gui, one of the visitors, takes it upon himself to trythe criminal as not just a murderer, but also as a heretic. Remigio islater found guilty of heresy and confessed under pressure formurdering the herbalist, although he did not do it and everyoneknew that. After Remigio?s trial, William advises his friend, Umbertino,that he should leave at once. This way Bernard Gui would not take itupon himself to try other persons accused of heresy, Umbertinobeing one of them. At Compline on this same day, the abbot was to

speak butbecause of the happenings of the day, he asked the oldest personin the abbey to preach that evening. Technically Alinardo shouldhave spoken, but because he was considered to have gone mad,the abbot asked Jorge to speak. Ironically, Jorge spoke on the topicof the Antichrist?s believed to be soon coming. In his sermon hediscretely tells the curious monks, that if they continue to violate thelibrary, the abbey would never again regain its peace of previoustimes. He also stated that when the Antichrist is about to arrive orhad arrived, that there would be a ? foreign king rise up in the West.?He stated that this characteristic was showing through the Pope orthe King of France at this point in time. The next day, the visitors left with their prisoner, Remigio, nowgone mad.

During this day at the first service, Malachi came in late.He was missed by Jorge who always sat next him. When Malachifinally came in, he looked rather weak. During one of the hymns,when all the monks stood up, Malachi stood but then quicklycollapsed onto the ground. William rushed over to his side andasked Malachi what he had seen, Malachi told him, ? He toldme…truly…It had the power of a thousand scorpions…? WhenMalachi tried to speak again he could not, and died. William thenhad the idea to look at the hands and mouth: they were both blackas night. Later on that day, the abbot asked to see the two monks inhis quarters. He asked what, if anything had been learned from orabout the murders. The two had no reply for him. He then askedthat no more investigation take place

because he was ashamed ofWilliam?s inability to solve the mystery before so many had died. Hetold William and Adso to leave the next morning because he did notwant them to travel in the night. This only made William want to findout the mysterious murderer even more than before. During Compline, Jorge was missing but the Abbot instructed thatthe service must be started because he wanted to free his mind ofany question of another death. When Jorge was still missing atdinner, some novices were sent to look for him , and they cameback empty handed. All of the murders happened in accordance with the Book of theApostle: the first in hail, Adelmo; the second in blood, Venantius;the third in water, Berengar; the fourth with the sun, moon and stars,Severinus; and the fifth with the sting

of a thousand scorpions,Malachi. The death of Venantius gave the answer to the mystery.The coded message left on his desk in the Scriptorium had the key toopening the finis Africae, the room in the library the could not beeasily entered. There was no door that opened to the room butthere was a large mirror with an inscription in Latin above it that read:Super thronos viginti quantor. The coded message that Venantiusleft said ?the first and seventh of four. Quantor means four in Latin,the first and seventh letters of quantor were the key to entering thefinis Africae. They hurried to the library to try and save one moreperson?s life, they were not sure whose. When they got to theentrance of the Aedificium, they heard a loud banging on the wallinside. They assumed that this was the