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his nose without him knowing it. He runs a gas station which he lives above in the Valley of Ashes which is the dirtiest area of New York. The valley of Ashes has now become Queens if you were wondering where it was. That’s not even the worst of his poverty. George Wilson is just the hard luck guy in this novel and he ends up taking it out on Gastby. He is hard luck and he is not too quick witted. There is no mystery behind George. The obscure manner in which Fitzgerald exclusively uses to describe Gatsby throughout the novel adds to the reader s curiosity about Gatsby s life, to the eccentric wonder that was his personality, and to the bewilderment that succeeded his death. Though other characters play roles subordinate to Gatsby s, the details that surround their lives as

they relate to the story are defined and clear, at least more defined and clear than with Gatsby. Fitzgerald describes the other characters with precision and deliberateness. Gatsby remains clouded. Without that cloudiness, the character of Gatsby would not have captured our imaginations in such a way.