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for classical music goes. Never has the concert seen such a large portion of its program dedicated to the works of dead composers. This is interesting since the majority of people today are not prone to this taste and our populations are much larger now than in the last 300 years. As mentioned earlier though, it is impractical to draw strict conclusions for such a small sample. Our second conclusion deals with the works of living composers. As cited earlier only 5 percent of the items used by composers born after 1900 are alive. This seems to have followed the historical trend discussed by Weber1. This may have several repercussions which may include, an increased difficulty for new composers to have their works appreciated or even acknowledged, a sense of excessive reverence to

the masters, and a crippling of the evolution of this musical taste. Weber1 concludes that the ascent of mass culture and elevation of the classical masters in the nineteenth century was a symbiotic relationship. Now, it is perhaps a stagnant relationship that has peaked, since appreciation of this musical type no longer comprises mass culture.