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famous basso. When Stavinsky became older he became friends with Picasso. Both were a perfect combination of different careers, they were so different than other people and had so many new ideas on everything. Picasso does not repeat himself, he is already somewhere else. His art is composed of unexpected although logical strokes. Quite similar is the art of Stravingsky. With all his great and new ideas Stavinsky was looking for something new and catchy. He wanted to break away from the same old impressionist form, which mostly everyone knows so he wanted to advance to that of free form. Stavinsky music made him what he is today, out of Satie and Debussy his music was more surprising and unexpected while the other two?s music was more soft, playful and both didn?t have any real

rhythms. Stavinsky is not solely a revolutionary; he is a constructive artist who has been a revolutionist only through necessity. All three Debussy, Satie, and Stravinsky were all great composers, the three of them brought a new style to the music in their time and changed a lot of peoples views on music. Debussy brought symbolist ways of never giving in to the rules of composition and traditional music. There is Satie who changed his style to impressionist form and his style of separation rather than unity leaving the listener at a standstill. Out of the three he is the most revolutionary because he changed his music to a more light experimental music. Breaking away from impressionist form and advancing to a free form. Stavinsky who is one musician that had unexpected music, he

made people feel like they were all ahead in time. All of these composers were revolutionary in a way because each brought their own ideas and played music so every one could enjoy it. Bibliography My name is devon and i really enjoy literature, it sounds crazy but i do.