The Music Of Three Essay Research Paper

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The Music Of Three Essay, Research Paper THE MUSIC OF THREE Debussy, Satie, and Stravinsky, all three are great composers of their time. The three of them relate very much of eachother because they are very creative and started new ways and different styles of their music. They influenced other composers, musicians and new people to listen to their music. Debussy was born on August 22, 1822 just outside of Paris. When Debussy was ten he turned out to be a brilliant pianist and was amitted to Conservator, he had no friends in this school. He was a natural rebel, he rebelled his teacher on paper rules of form, so he made up his own form. Known to be the greatest of musical impressionists through symbolist. Debussy changed his style of music, he composed French music. This

helped a lot more people get to experience French music and instead of listening to just German music. He created music that is very soft and it is a type of ontological music which means “dynamic calm”. It?s not catchy at all, its very peaceful with no rhythm in it. Debussy wrote great music in his life time. He had his own views in music, he believed music was made up of colors and rhythms. A great example of his work is when he created Pelleas, which he wrote in 1901. He had great reactions from Pelleas but after he was done with Pelleas he was very confused where to go to from there. He felt very trapped after Pelleas, but then after many years of nothing he composed La Mer. The musician Erik Satie was born May 17, 1866. His father was a boater and lived in Northern

Normandy, his mother was Scottish. When his mother died Satie was then adopted and then raised by his grand parents who gave Satie a very strict child life. He attended a Municipal school and studied piano. The music teacher there developed Satie?s tastes for music. He was then kicked out of his school because he was very lazy and couldn?t read the music that well. At the age of 22 Satie found his first career as a musician but wasn?t a known artist yet. He found his first style, it was a blend of boldness and timidity, this music seemed to move at a stand still. In 1891 Satie met Debussy and became best friends, he was a crucial influence on Debussy leading him away from Wagner. Satie had a style of disjunction, separation rather than unity of pacts. He then had a period in his

life of spiritual purge which prolonged his music for years. One thing that got in the way of Satie?s music was alcohol which came between a lot, it transformed his high spirits into irascibility. He then began imagining himself surrounded by enemies, and refused to listen to anyone that tried to talk to him. The more Satie drank the more confusing his music became. Out of the three musicians Satie is most revolutionary because he changed his music to a more light experimental music. He came out with “Three Morcent en forme” contains everything he learned up to that time. With Picasso he created Parade, it had decent showing but was disapproved by some. Then after that Satie then wrote “Socate” which was all in figures. From 1908 to 1916 Satie had a period of Humorist

writing where he doesn?t describe shift in style, he abandoned virtually construction and construction and wrote two-part counter parts. Satie is one of the most stragiest and most creative musicians of our times. He also volunteered into the army but got released and he want back to his music. Stravinsky, out of all the three musicians. He had the most unexpected music, right when people would expect something he would bring something else in his music. It is very exciting and a lot of people wanted to listen to it because they felt as if his music ran ahead of time, which it did he brought a way different style and is so different in ideas of music. Stavinsky grew up in a house of music. He followed in his fathers footsteps in a career of music, Stavinsky was the son of a