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door and for the barn. I didn’t even take the time to put on some shoes. Yak followed, but shrank back when I suggested that he’d carry the scratching little mouse. Around the barn we went at a good pace, my lack of footwear considered. Slippers just aren’t meant for outdoor use, especially not in the soggy wintertime. When we had rounded the barn, I released the mouse, and it went hither and thither at great speed, apparently not realizing its release. Finally the mouse got its bearings, and went shooting north at great speed, its size considering. I must say it was rather amusing watching the mouse run at full throttle, with Yak trotting beside it. He was looking down at it as he went, and it looked like he thought: “Cool! Are we having fun now?” I think the mouse,

scared out of its wits, may have been of a differing opinion. It soon left its notion that it could outrun Yak on the road, and went running for the fields. Yak protectively by its side. “Yak, the Protector” he seemed to believe. The mouse supposedly believed something entirely different. Finally they approached a tree sticking up from the snow, and the mouse disappeared down its trunk. Yak looked confused after the mouse, before he with a dogs stoicism, said to himself: “There will be other mice.” Whereupon he lifted his foot and urinated on the trunk.