The Mouse Of All Men By John

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The Mouse Of All Men By John Steinbeck Essay, Research Paper The book I read was Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men is a great book. It shows how loving somebody so much could also mean doing anything for them, even murder them. Best friends George and Lenny travel around looking for work, only so they can get money so they can have there own farm and a house on a nice huge size piece of land. They finally find a good job were they can make some money but, unfortunately Lenny messes up and gets George kicked out of the town. So they go somewhere else on the other side of town and they get back in a job but, Lenny messes up again. While Lenny was talking to the job owner?s wife his wife asked him to fell her dress. Lenny liked her dress because of the way it

felt. But when she asked him to stop he wouldn?t so she started to scream. Lenny did not want her to scream so he covered her mouth thinking she would stop screaming. What happened was he killed her by suffocation. Lenny freaked so he put her body in the trashcan trying to hide it. When the owner found the body him and his friends formed a mob and were going to find Lenny and kill him brutally. When Lenny found out he ran away to the place were George told him to go if he ever got in trouble. So when everybody went looking for him George already knew where he was. When George found him he had a gun. George turned him around slowly and told him the story about the land, the farm, and the rabbits of all colors. In a split second Lenny was laying face down in the sand. George had

killed him. The two main characters are George and Lenny. George is the discipline of the crew. Kind of like a father to figure you might say. Lenny on the other hand has a mental status that the two never talk about because of Lenny. He may have the mental status and all but, He loves to have fun. Of Mice and Men takes place in Salinas, California during the Great depression. Steinbeck described it as a hot calm place, with Weeds and corn field all over. Almost like an old western. The theme of this book really is about love. This book shows How you can love someone so much you would even take his or her life. Not just take their life because you don?t love them or what ever, But to save them from a mob of men out to torture and kill them. A decision like the one George had to

make is one of those once and a life time things that come to some people, and only sometimes. Leone and George are two men who don?t want much in life But, a farm and each other so they can live off the fatta the land. This farm will consist of rabbits and only rabbits of all colors. Although this dream for them never comes true they, were on there Way to it. I recommend this book to anyone who likes non-fiction book that talk about life and friends.