The Motive Of Two Murders Essay Research

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The Motive Of Two Murders Essay, Research Paper The Motive of Two Murders Victor Guadalupe Caban M,W,F 8:30 am 02/3/2000 In the play “Trifles” the main character Mrs. Wright was accused of killing her husband while he was sleeping. As the play goes along we learned that she was motivated by certain situations that happened when she lived with her husband. In the story “Killings” the main character is Matt Fowler who lost his son because a man shot his son to death. Each character takes it upon themselves to either free oneself or to ease the pain their family is going through by breaking the law and killing the people that was hurting them and their families. Each character has to take responsibility for his and her actions because they killed a human being. Even

though their motives might have been justified. The motive Ms. Wright had is that her husband stole her freedom and liveliness by keeping her trapped in a cage. We learned that Ms.Wright, ” used to wear pretty clothes and be lively” before she was married. There is also symbolism in the play comparing her to a bird that she kept, but the bird was dead. The bird’s neck was broken and the cage door was busted. This symbolizes how Ms. Wright was kept in a prison or cage and the death of the bird symbolizes the last ounce of liveliness Ms. Wright might have had. In the play they also describe the house as a desolate and isolated place. Ms. Hale also stated, “It never seemed a very cheerful place.” Although all these instances makes the reader feel sorry for her, she killed

her own husband. That is morally wrong and she will have to pay. She has to take some responsibility, but on the other hand, she was not in a sane mind at the time. As for the story “Killings” Matt Fowlers motivation is his son death at the hands of Richard Strout. Richard Strout killed Frank over his wife who was divorcing him at the time. Matt is a very protective of his children and wanted them to feel safe. Even when they were children Matt was the same way. He, “Made sure that the ice would hold him before they skated, and he brought or sent them to places where they could sled without ending in the street.” Richard Strout was out in the street because he posted bail. Everytime Matt’s wife Ruth saw Strout in town she would go home and cry. They could not go to

sleep sometimes thinking about it. Matt could not stand it, not being able to protect his family and for not being able to ease their pain. So he took matters into his own hands and kidnapped Richard Strout and killed him. He has excepted responsibility but has to live with it the rest of his life. ” He shuddered with a sob that he kept silent in his heart.” Each character had reasons in which they were motivated to commit these acts of violence. Each one has to take responsibility for their actions, although Ms. Wright might not have been in sane mind. Also Matt Fowler has to live with his deed for the rest of life and can not tell his family. So they will live thinking that there brothers killer escaped.