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of Panama, Emanuel Noriega, was charged with drug trafficking. Eventually, the United States invaded Panama and deposed Noriega. Soon after, Guillermo Endara was elected president. This event shows the United States extending its power. The Doctrine acknowledged all of the independent countries in the Americas, yet the United States kept on intervening in other countries in the Americas and setting up governments. The United States had no right to replace a government. It goes against the original principles that were set up in the Monroe Doctrine. The irony in this, is that the justification for most of these interventions is spreading of American ideals, which include the Monroe Doctrine. Indeed, intervention is the logical outcome of the Monroe Doctrine itself. From the very

beginning, the Monroe Doctrine was intended to protect American ideals. It managed to do so for a long time even through the Mexican-French war, the Spanish-American War, and the Venezuelan debt controversy. The doctrine existed for about a hundred years, though it had a couple of clarification and improvements, it was used the way it was intended. Eventually, the ideas and principles of the Monroe Doctrine became beclouded. The principles of the Monroe Doctrine and the idea that America was a “City on a Hill” got mixed. America started using the Monroe Doctrine as an excuse to spread its influence and ideals. This is extremely ironic. How can America spread its ideas and influences about non-interference by taking down governments, setting up new ones, just because they were

communist or corrupt. That is the country’s own problem, not that of the United States. This brings up the pressing question about Bosnia. When looking at the facts, Bosnia is related to Vietnam and Korea. The problem in Bosnia is basically a civil war based upon race, while the Vietnam and Korea were internal conflicts about politics. In all three, the United States deemed it necessary to intervene. Bosnia is meant to be a peacekeeping mission. The question is whether it will end up as another Vietnam. The similarities are internal conflict and American intervention. Is president Clinton setting the stage for another debacle like Vietnam? By moving troops into Bosnia, have the United States forgotten about all past conflicts? Isn’t it believed that those who do not learn

from history are doomed to repeat it? If we have learned anything from the Monroe Doctrine, it should be that foreign governments should not interfere in another nation’s politics. When the United States stood by its principle of non-interference, it was one of the most prosperous and peaceful country. Whenever it interfered in matters in Latin America or Asia it only contributed to a huge conflict or created oppressive regimes.