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mind contribute to what man is capable of and, depending on which section is dominant, what man does. The Ego and the Id are often in conflict. “There is a conflict in every man, one that [all men] struggle with” (McErlane 2). This conflict is something that everyone faces everyday and it brings out our true self. Although many people do not want to take the extremely emotional and arduous pilgrimage to the center of their minds, it is always worth the journey. As shown in Heart of Darkness, there are three stations along the trek to the heart of man’s soul. As he reaches each station, man struggles with understanding and recognizing another level of the mind. When a person chooses to make this journey, they must keep in mind that they might not like the truth they find in

the end. Man cannot underestimate that truth, because it may be stronger than he may think. To understand the heart of the soul, man must look at every aspect, not just one element. Bibliography American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. 1975 ed. Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. New York: Drover, 1990. McErlane, Kelly. Sigmund Freud and Heart of Darkness.