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blessing for Maggie and Philip to get married. In the thirteenth chapter Maggie tries to avoid Stephen but finds it impossible. She ends up going rowing with him. Stephen asks Maggie once again to marry him and she refuses. They rowed out way to far and ended up getting on a boat coming toward them. In the fourteenth chapter Maggie departs from Stephen telling him they can never get married. Book Seven: Chapters 1-5 In the first chapter Maggie returns home to Tom, but Tom hearing of her on the river with Stephen, and not being married, turned her out. Bob Jakin took her and her mother in. In the second chapter it becomes known that Maggie has returned unwed and she is cast out of society. Dr. Kenn tries finds her a position at the church. In the third chapter aunt Pullet offers

to take Maggie in but she declines. There is also word that Lucy is no longer ill. Maggie receives a letter from Philip and it makes her sure that no happiness in love could make her forget the pain of others. In the forth chapter Dr. Kenn, unable to find her a position, employs her himself as a governess to his children. Lucy comes and visits Maggie and tells her that she is not angry with her and that Maggie is better than she. In the fifth chapter Dr. Kenn has to let Maggie because of rumors that he intends to marry her. Maggie receives another letter from Stephen asking her to come to him, but she resolves not to go. She is wondering how long it is until death. At that moment she feels water about her knees, knowing at once it is the flood. Maggie is swept away in one of the

boats while trying to help Bob ready the boats. She paddles to reach the mill. Tom climbs out into the boat. They set off to find Lucy. Huge fragments are floating and people in a boat shout a warning , but Tom and Maggie are borne down by the drifting masses. They disappear under the current “in an embrace never to be parted.”