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Mrs. Tullivers good things. In the forth chapter Mr. Tulliver wakes up for a while and becomes excited, but soon falls back to bed. In the sixth chapter Tom goes to see his uncle Deane about a job. Mr. Deane gives him a job for no better reason than he is his nephew.. In the sixth chapter the sale of Mrs. Tullivers household goods is finally over. Bob Jakin, one of Tom’s childhood friends, comes back to repay a favor. He offers them money, but they refuse it saying that it is not nearly enough to help. In the seventh chapter Mr. Tulliver slowly recovers but has lost track of time. Also Wakem decided that it would be a good investment to buy the mill. In the eighth chapter the land and the mill are sold to Wakem, and Mr. Tulliver agrees to be employed by Wakem as a manager. In

the ninth chapter Mr. Tulliver struggles with himself to keep his promise to work for Wakem. Mr. Tulliver also has Tom write in the family bible that he will never forgive Wakem, and that Tom must make him feel for it when the chance comes. Book Four: Chapters 1-3 In the first chapter you read that the religion of the Dodsons and Tullivers is “of a simple, semi-pagan kind.” Family life on the Floss os much like before. In the second chapter you read that Maggie is old for her years but lacks Tom’s self command. Mrs. Tullivers uncontentment in this empty life is less painful to Maggie than her father’s sullenness. In the third chapter Bob Jakin comes to the house and brings books for Maggie. One is by Thomas a Kempis, this book leads her to a new inner life . Book Five:

Chapters 1-7 In the first chapter Maggie who is now seventeen years old and darkly beautiful tells Philip that she is glad that he has come, and they start meeting secretly. In the second chapter Tom borrows money from aunt and uncle Glegg to repay debts. In the third chapter Maggie feels that concealment is wrong and that they should not meet secretly anymore. In the forth chapter Maggie returns a book to Philip saying she did not like it because once again the fair-haired woman stole all the love from the dark woman. Philip also declares his love for her, but she says that she can do nothing about it because she does not want to hurt her father. In the fifth chapter Tom finds out about her meeting Philip and goes with her to meet him. He makes Maggie swear never to meet him

again. In the sixth chapter the Tullivers finally have the money to pay off their debts. In the seventh chapter Tulliver meets with his creditors. He meets Wakem on his way back home and knocks him off of his horse. Mr. Tulliver is whipping Wakem when Maggie comes to restrain him. Later that night Mr. Tulliver gets very ill and dies, before his death he would not forgive Wakem. Book Six: Chapters 1-14 In the first chapter you read about Lucy Deane being courted by Stephen Guest. Also Maggie is coming to stay with her. Mrs. Tulliver has been their housekeeper since Mrs. Deane died. Stephen feels that Lucy is the sort of woman to marry. In the second chapter Maggie comes and meets Stephen who finds her beautiful and intelligent. He finds Maggie interesting but believes he could

never love her. In the third chapter Maggie tells Lucy she feels that Stephen is too self-confident.. She also tells her the story of herself and Philip. In the forth chapter Maggie goes to visit Tom, who is lodging with Bob Jakin, and asked to be absolved of her promise not to see Philip. Tom agrees but says she must give him up if she begins to think of Philip as a lover. In the fifth chapter Tom tries to get Mr. Guest to buy Dorlcote mill, and says if it can be bought he would like to buy it by working off the price. In the sixth chapter Maggie is launched by Lucy into St. Ogg’s society. Also Maggie and Stephen are becoming very aware of each other. In the seventh chapter Maggie sees Philip. Philip recognizes that Maggie and Stephen are in love but he will not allow himself

to believe it. In chapter eight Philip tells his father that he wants to marry Maggie. At first Wakem disapproves but then says that he can if she will have him. In the ninth chapter Maggie helps Lucy in a booth selling large, plain articles. Mr. Wakem comes and speaks to Maggie amiably. Maggie goes to aunt Moss’s house and has told Lucy that she will speak to Tom about marrying Philip, but she is still in love with Stephen. In chapter ten Stephen kisses Maggie and she sends him away. She tells Philip she is leaving and will speak to her brother. In the eleventh chapter Maggie has stayed with her aunt four days before Stephen comes to see her. Stephen asks her hand in marriage and she refuses, they exchange one kiss before he goes. In the twelfth chapter Tom refuses to give his