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the products image-the link between academics/intellect and choosing the Herald. - The Herald will sponsor fund-raisers of local charities such as The Children’s Home Society of Florida, among others. - The Herald will partake in trade shows, where we will gather customer information by motivating them to participate in sweepstakes in order to expand our customer base. Sports Marketing: The events sponsored by The Herald match with the audience we are targeting. - Sponsorship of a golf tournament in West Palm Beach would be an effective sponsorship event. - In addition, in order to involve the community at large, The Herald will organize a tri-county charity race from Palm Beach to Miami that would benefit local charities. Internet: With today’s increasing available Internet

access it is important to take advantage of the opportunities the Internet offers. - The Herald web site will provide the media and the public with instant access to additional sources of information on an issue at hand. For instance, during the election we may provide up-to-date information about each candidate running for presidency. - The Herald will also provide special links to local places of interest such as a list of restaurants, local events, and places to visit. FRINGE MARKETING 1. Objectives ? To keep customers from Miami-Dade County. ? To build a positive image in Broward county in order to get readers of competitors newspapers to switch to the Miami Herald. ? To introduce The Herald in South Palm Beach in order to increase distribution in that county. 2. Strategies

Merchandising ? Retailers of Miami-Dade, Broward, and South Palm Beach will obtain incentives to make The Herald more visible to consumers. ? Free packaged items will be given away outside of Publix when subscribing to the Miami Herald in Broward and South Palm Beach. ? Free subscription for one month will be given to new customers of local cable companies in South Palm Beach. Sponsorship of events In the sponsorship of events, we will work in conjunction with the Public Relations department. ? Sponsorship to enhance The Miami Herald’s image. It is important that the events we sponsor match with the audience we are trying to target. For example, sponsoring a golf tournament in West Palm Beach would serve our purpose. ? Sponsor job fairs at Universities in Broward and Palm Beach

County. We want to this to create an additional appeal towards the products image-the link between academics/intellect and choosing the Herald. Packaging ? Altering the product to create local editions for Broward and South Palm Beach counties by customizing the daily supply of information printed. ? Every county will have its own edition with its own newspaper format. The line Broward edition, South Palm Beach edition and Broward edition will appear below the name of the newspaper “The Herald”. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PLAN We will evaluate results on the basis of the following changes in The Herald produced as a result of out campaign: ? Increase in circulation in South Palm Beach and Broward Counties. ? Increase in subscriptions in South Palm Beach and Broward Counties. ?

Increase in advertising revenues in Miami-Dade, South Palm Beach and Broward Counties. ? Awareness and positive image developed in South Palm Beach and Broward Counties over competitors. This information will be collected by sending surveys to subscribers in those areas. ? Number of times The Herald appears in the media as related to the events carried out.