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of the competitive sales points at the problem of getting advertisers for The Miami Herald new local editions in those counties where the Sun Sentinel controls the market. ? The general decline in newspaper readership. 4. Budget Total Budget ————————————————$2,500,000 ? Promotion————————————————$1,000,000 o Advertising———————–$650,000 o Public Relations——————$250,000 o Personal Selling——————-$200,000 ? Product—————————————————$300,000 ? Pricing—————————————————-$0 ? Distribution———————————————-$1,000,000 ? Contingency———————————————$500,000 Rationale:

We want to induce trial. In order to accomplish this objective, we need high levels of reach. The effective reach calls for a better distribution network. We also need to advertise so that prospectives become aware of the changes in The Miami Herald. Now, The Herald covers their communities. THE PRODUCT 1. Seasonality Not considering special events or news stories with above average importance, newspapers are sold almost equally in every week of the year. 2. Purchase Cycle Newspapers are purchased either on a daily basis or weekly (meaning the Sunday edition). However, factors such as family coupons on certain days of the week may opt readers to purchase the newspaper. Subscription standard rate: ? 4 days Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: $25.91 ? 3 days Friday, Saturday,

and Sunday: $21.91 ? Sundays Only for 13 weeks for $14.19 Promotional prices: ? 3 month subscriptions $24.12 ? 4 days $13.64 ? Sundays only for $7.17 ? 1 year for $109.60 ? 26 weeks for everyday delivery $54.84 TARGET MARKET Demographics The primary target market of The Miami Herald is white non-Hispanic men and women over the age of 65 that have a yearly household income above $50K. The secondary target market is Hispanic men and women between the ages of 35 and 54 that have $35K+ yearly household incomes (Note: See Appendix A). Readership consists mostly of middle to middle-upper socioeconomic class. Most readers have some college experience and work in a professional or managerial job. Also, 73% of Sunday readers are from Miami-Dade County. Psychographics The Miami-Ft.

Lauderdale audience is more likely to attend cultural/arts events; take cruise ship vacations; engage in foreign travel; and enjoy gourmet cooking & health foods. In addition, our audience has a high interest in current events/politics, self-improvement, and career-oriented activities. ADVERTISING 1. Objectives To establish The Miami Herald as the newspaper providing the most accurate and useful information for the readers in Broward and South Palm Beach, while maintaining the newspaper’s position in Miami-Dade County. a. Creative objective - To establish The Miami Herald as the newspaper that provides the most accurate and useful local and national information on Broward, South Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties. b. Media objective - To deliver advertising to men

and women 18 to 44 primarily (our target market). - To advertise throughout the Broward , South Palm Beach, and Dade counties with an additional support in Broward and South Palm Beach. - Increase print advertising in local areas. 2. Strategy a. Marketing mix: - Outdoor advertising - Radio - Television - Local Magazines b. Media: - Outdoor advertising: Billboards, and posters for bus stops. - Radio: Morning and evening drive. - Television: Morning and Sports in spot cable. - Local Magazines: Full page color ads. c. Reach/Frequency We want to achieve a reach of 95 with a frequency level of 4. The resulting GRPs will be 380. A reach of 95 will help The Herald in increasing market share and awareness. A frequency of 4 will make consumers to choose The Herald over its competitors The

Sun Sentinel and The South Palm Beach. d. Scheduling: Advertising will start on September and run throughout the whole year by using continuity strategy. Outdoor ? Billboards: Dark background with glow in the dark lettering to gain thea ttention of viewers at both morning and evening time. Billboards of bigger size will be placed on the side of buildings in the downtown area of each county to show how we appreciate their support. ? Posters: Same creative as billboards. The Miami Herald TV Ad : 60 AUDIO Man: Honey, where is my morning paper? Wife: Oh, I’ll get it right now Man: Ok honey (in the background) Wife: (screaming) Ouch! ANNCR: The Herald, Today’s Newspaper for Today’s reader VIDEO CS: A couple wakes up from an alarm clock going off. The man gets up and rubs his