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The Metamorphosis Essay, Research Paper Gregor s metamorphosis is a metaphoric journey through the basic points in Freudian psychoanalytical thought. Freud includes three levels of consciousness in his works, the super-ego, ego, and the id. The ego is concerned with reality, id with the subconscious, and the super-ego is a link between the ego and the id. The Metamorphosis is a story by Franz Kafka about a man named Gregor Samsa who one day wakes up to find himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin . The mutation occurs the night before in his unsettling dreams and appears to be solely physical because Gregor maintains all of his human mental capacities. One level of consciousness, the super-ego, is the link between the other levels of consciousness. It contains

human emotions. Gregor lacks several aspects of life that are essential to people s emotional stability. One presence he is deficient in is love. Throughout The Metamorphosis, evidence of Gregor s love by his family, or lack there of, is constantly present in the story. Gregor may be in separation emotionally from his family before his metamorphosis even takes place. Walter H. Sokel says in his work Die Erziehung zur Tragik that Gregor s locked door indicates that Gregor was previously removed from the Samsa circle of family union. He also states that the physical aspects of Gregor s room, such as the confined feeling that the furniture creates, is a microcosm of Gregor s life. The furniture traps Gregor in his room, just as the Samsas have trapped Gregor for financial stability

(Sokel, 169). The only source where Gregor receives love after his metamorphosis is from his sister. One example which expresses Gregor s craving for love appears directly after he wakes up. Kafka writes, In fact, Gregor felt fine, with the exception of his drowsiness, which was really unnecessary after sleeping so late, and he even had a ravenous appetite (Kafka, 5). Alexander Taylor explains in his work The Waking: Theme of Kafka s Metmorphosis that the hunger which Kafka is feeling is really not a hunger for food, but for love (Talor, 273). There are several instances in which Kafka reveals Gregor s hunger in The Metamorphosis. Gregor s sister, Grete, temporarily extinguishes Gregor s hunger for love when she feeds him. The food that Grete feeds Gregor is a metaphor for the

love that she is giving him. Another aspect of human relationships that Gregor lacks is understanding. Nobody really knows who his true self really is. William H. Sokel shares in his Die Erziehung zur Tragik that Gregor s metamorphosis reveals many of Gregor s subconscious thoughts (Sokel, 173). Lack of understanding between him and his family is evident in his thoughts regarding his new speech. Kafka writes, It was true that they no longer understood his words, though they had seemed clear enough to him, clearer than before, probably because his ear had grown accustomed to them (Kafka, 13). The phrase clearer than before shows that Gregor only begins to understand himself after his metamorphosis is complete. Martin Greenberg mentions in his Kafka s Metamorphosis and Modern

Spirituality that Gregor s job doesn t allow him to have real human relationships (Greenberg, 274). As a travelling salesman, Gregor must work very hard and with only artificial human contact. For instance, when I go back to the hotel before lunch to write up the business I ve done, these men are just having breakfast (Kafka, 4). A feeling that Gregor experiences is a need to escape. In The Waking: The Theme of Kafka s Metamorphosis , Alexander Talor says there are several indications in the opening thoughts of the story that Gregor doesn t enjoy his job and is forced to do it to support his family (Talor, 273). Gregor says: what a grueling job I ve picked! Day in, day out-on the road. The upset of doing business is much worse than the actual business in the home office, and,