The Merchant Of Venice A Justice Not

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The Merchant Of Venice: A Justice Not Justified Essay, Research Paper The Merchant of Venice was a comedy written by William Shakespeare. Antonio, a merchant of Venice was a venerable businessman. He was a wealthy man and offered his friends the loan of money, without interest. Antonio became bound to Shylock when he agreed for his good friend Bassanio to use him as security to borrow money from Shylock. Shylock was a Jewish usurer who lives in Venice. He believed in charging interest and hated Antonio who did not. Portia was a wealthy heiress who is confined by her father’s will of the caskets. She was the one whom Bassanio married after he chose the correct lead casket that contained her portrait. Shylock insisted on collecting a pound of Antonio?s flesh when Antonio was

unable to repay the money he owed to Shylock through Bassanio. At the end of the play Shylock faced an extremely difficult time and he was not treated at all fairly. The relationship between Antonio and Shylock had a lot to do why Shylock was so insistent on taking Antonio?s flesh. Shylock was a Jewish merchant who lived in a world where the Jewish religion was regarded as evil. The people of Venice including Antonio, had ridiculed him, they called him a dog, and spat on him, all this simply because he was a Jew. That gave Shylock a very good reason for hating Christians. He was considered an alien in Venice and yet had to abide by Venetian Law. He hated Antonio all the more because Antonio lent money out free of interest and it contrasted with Shylock?s way of lending money at

high interest. Antonio was a well-respected merchant in Venice. Antonio became bound to Shylock when he acted as Bassanio?s surety to borrow a sum of three thousand ducats from Shylock. This set up a perfect opportunity for Shylock to get revenge on Antonio. Antonio became bound to Shylock because his friend Bassanio needed to borrow money. Bassanio informed Antonio that he have spent his money too extravagantly and had accumulated quite a lot of debts. Bassanio had come up with a plan to pay off his obligations by marrying Portia. To do so he needed to borrow enough money in order act like a real nobleman and woo Portia properly. Unfortunately, all of Antonio’s money was tied up with his business ventures. Antonio, however, offered to act as surety for Bassanio. After some

consideration, Shylock agreed to lend three thousand ducats for three months to Bassanio. ?I would be friends with you, and have your love.? Shylock said he would lend the money free on interest, ?Supply you present wants, and take no doit of usance for my moneys.? He offered to sign the bond ?in a merry sport? that if Antonio did not repay the bond when the time is up, Shylock demanded a pound of Antonio?s flesh from any part of his body Shylock chooses. Antonio thought that Shylock was joking about taking his flesh and was confident that his ships would return well before three months. In this way Shylock convinced Antonio that it was a good deal and set the setting of Shylock?s plan for revenge. Shylock and Antonio ended up in the courtroom three months later fighting the case

over Shylock?s claim on Antonio?s flesh. Unfortunately none of Antonio?s ships had come back to port and he could not repay the debt. Antonio was brought before the Duke to stand trial for failing to pay off his contract with Shylock. The Duke was most upset about the penalty, a pound of Antonio’s flesh, but could not find any legal way to release Antonio from his bond. Shylock is called in and the Duke made a further plea for commiseration but Shylock remained obdurate. Shylock replied that he has already sworn by his Sabbath (holy Jewish day) that he would have his pound of flesh from Antonio. Shylock admitted that he could not give a clear reason of why he wanted Antonio?s flesh, he simple said, ?Can I give no reason, nor I will not.? It was simply because of his hatred for