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city and went to negotiate with Charles at his camp. Piero offered military assistance if he would bypass Florence, but Charles refused. Charles counter offered assistance, Pisa and fortresses at Sarzana, Sarzanello, Ripafratta and Pietrasanta. Seeing the military superiority of Charles for himself, and knowing Charles had already captured three of the four fortresses, Piero conceeded. While Piero was away the Duke of Milan, Lodovico Sforza, was besmearching his name. Sforza was spreading rumors about Piero selling out to Charles and France. And Florence would not tolerate a traitor. The Florentines rebeled agaist The Medici as they had against Pazzi four decades earlier. There was a four thousand florin bounty put on the head of Piero. Piero fled to Bologna, then to Venice and

finally to Rome where the family would remain for generations, including two Popes, Leo X and Clement VII. 15Conclusion Alexander Dumas says this about the Medici: “Let the Medici rest in peace in their tombs of marble and porphyry; for they have done more for the glory of the world than any prince, king or emporer.” While most rulers of the time left nothing and did nothing but promote their own personal causes and their own personal fortunes, The Medici left a legacy; institutions of learning, countless public buildings throughout Tuscany, a rebirth in the traditions of Ancient Greece and Rome, and some of the most beautiful and renowned works of art the world may ever see. To this day there is no monument, no recognition, or no plans to recognize the legacy of The Medici

by the citizens of Florence, despite tourism being Florence’s top source of income, and the number one attraction being the Ufizzi Gallery. The Ufizzi was built by Cosimo di Medici, and over two thirds of the art contained in it was commissioned by a Medici. It is unfortunate how the Florentine’s failed to recognize the gifts of this great family. The Medici chapels, libraries, galleries and villas stand as monument to the family. And this is probably how they would have wanted it. There own work, their own commisions to represent their place in history. This is the glory The Medici have; and this glory will not pass away.