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(Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, 87). They lent money to popes and leaders of countries. They didn t do any pawn business with the rare exception, of large pledges like John XXII s mitre (Gage, 63). The enormous amount of profit was usually used to fund political activities. Cosimo de Medici was a great banker was known for his quick financial decisions. Lorenzo, however, wasn t very good at banking, but a great politician. The family lost a lot of money, but gained more political power. The bank collapsed after Piero s exile from Florence in 1494 (Holmes, 76-77). The Medicis revolutionized the economy during the Renaissance and became one of the wealthiest families in Italy. The Medici family has contributed to the Renaissance in many ways. They encouraged the arts, and many

royal, relative families around Europe. Their bank expanded to the farthest corners of Europe, and they had political control over the Church and Florence. They made their presence felt almost everywhere. They became one of the most powerful, wealthy, and humanistic families in Europe. Bibliography Gage, John. Life in Italy at the Time of the Medici. New York: G. P. Putnam s Sons Inc., 1968. Holmes, George. The Oxford History of Italy. New York: Oxford University Press Inc., 1997. Medici, Cosimo de , Medici, Lorenzo de , Medici, Giovanni de , and Medici, Giulio de . Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000. CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993-1999. Medici, House of. Encyclopedia of the Renaissance. 1999 ed.