The Meaning Of The Name Brian Essay

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The Meaning Of The Name Brian Essay, Research Paper Brian: The Story Behind the Name Names are symbols that attempt to differentiate between different individuals. They take on different interpretations among different people. One person, for example, will think of something completely different when they hear a specific name. Etymology is the study of words. This includes the interpretations and their origins. The name that I have been given is Brian. It has been what I have been going by my whole life. It has been something that has become sacred to me. It is a very good description of who I am and want to become. The name Brian?s origin can be traced back to an ancient Celtic expression meaning ?exalted and high minded, or a strong leader? ( It?s modern

day meaning is one of strength. There are many other ways of spelling it including: Brien, Bryon, Bryen, Bryant, and second most popularly, Bryan. It is the twentieth most popular name in America ( A lot of individuals are unsatisfied with their names. They wish they had one more sophisticated, glamorous, or exotic. I have always been content with my name. I think of it as a good description of who I am. Every kid has been teased because f their name. It is an everyday thing for people with unusual names. I wasn?t ever teased too often because my friends weren?t creative enough to come up with much. When I researched it on the Internet, however, I found otherwise. The most commonly used nicknames include: Fryin Brian, Brain, Cryin, Bry Guy, Brianny Whinny,

Brainy Brian, Brian Pryin, Bye Bye, Bri Bri, Bri Gone, Bri Toast, B-Rock, Bri-Dog, Brinan ( The only ones that I heard growing up were Brain, Bri Guy, Briana, and Bri Bri. The reason I think that is behind there not being to many frequently used derogatory forms of my name is there are no derivatives or shortenings of it. Brian is commonly associated with being smart or technically oriented. The cause and effect of this connection remain a mystery. I have always regarded myself as both of these. I have always been good at taking tests. I always got good grades and never really studied. I am also good at figuring out how to work computers and other complicated gadgets. I have always thought that my name was much more interesting than other?s that I have known.

It just seems to have a nice ring to it that just can?t be duplicated. I think it suits me in a way that no other name could. I could never imagine having any other name. My name has formed the person who I am today. I would be a totally different person if I went by the name of Moe. It can totally shape your self-image. Some people refuse to let it shape their self-image. They change their names in the hope that it will change them. It never works out as well as they plan, though. People must first accept their names, and then they can begin to accept themselves. Bibliography