The Meaning Of Famly Essay Research Paper

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The Meaning Of Famly Essay, Research Paper The word ?family? can be defined in a number of ways. Some people believe that family is all of the people that are related to you genetically. Other people believe that family is all of the people that share your religion. In this essay, I will be explaining what I believe is the meaning of family. In the book we just finished reading in English, Great Expectations, the character named Pip has a genetic family that consists of himself, his sister, and her husband, Joe. He also has a best friend named Biddy who lives with them. One day Pip is taken and told that he has a secret benefactor who is going to pay for him to become a gentleman. He leaves his home and heads for London to become a gentleman. When Pip reaches London a becomes

a gentleman, he starts to think that he is better than Joe and Biddy, who are the only people left at home after his sister dies. He starts to associate himself with rich people and lavish spenders. Then he finds out a convict that he helped out in his childhood is his benefactor and he changes. The convict is caught in London, a place that he was banished from, and is sentenced to death. When he dies, all of his money is given to the Crown. Pip has no money to pay off his debts and is put in jail. Joe comes and bails him out of jail. That is when he realizes that none of these rich people could ever be his family. Joe and Biddy would always be his family. Family is people that are there when you need them. They are people that show you love when everyone else hates you. To me,

genes aren?t the only things that make family. I have two brothers, a mom and a dad. That is my immediate genetic family. I also believe that I have other family. I believe that my friends are extended members of my family. They have always been there to help me when I needed help and make me feel accepted in places where I would otherwise feel like an outcast. My friends have introduced me to a number of new friends and taught me numerous new things. I do have two big brothers, but they don?t really do a lot of things like my friends do for me. My friends do all of the things that I believe family should do for each other. To me, my friends are like my real brothers. You should always remember who your family is. They are the people that are going to be there for you most

throughout your life. You can?t take your family for granted. Friends will come and friends will go, but you will always have the exact same family. That is really important to remember.