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constantly fed misinformation. I think that Hardy has written in the whole subtext of fate to throw the reader from the ultimate truth, that things just happen in nature. I have been known to read too much into books and in some cases read too little but I believe that Henchard s rise and fall are actually a metaphor for the modernization of the world that was happening at that time. In my theory Henchard represents nature, the old ways and in some ways the pagan god Pan. Farfrae represents the city, science and modern beliefs. When Christianity started to phase out Paganism, the Pagan god of nature Pan became the Christian devil. This is why at some times we are meant to hate or even fear Henchard. At least we feel something about Henchard, Farfrae leaves me feeling indifferent

to say the least, he has no passions or anything on which to judge him. Farfrae could be described as soulless, like his figures or his farming equipment. When Henchard dies he fades away, like the outmoded farming methods he uses. He is remembered fondly like the proverbial good old days. It is a sad moment when Henchard dies, even if you do not like him you have to feel sad that a period of history has died with him. After reading The Mayor of Casterbridge I felt filled with a sense of insecurity about the future, it worried me that because things happen, more often than not to strangers, they would never happen to me. However, in reading this book I became attached to Henchard and seeing him die as he did pushed home the fact that while things just happen, they will happen to