The MatrixCritique And Review Essay Research Paper

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The Matrix-Critique And Review Essay, Research Paper The movie, “The Matrix” is a complex, yet easy watching movie. It involves many things to think about, but is easy to understand. “The Matrix” combines love and action into one great movie. The story is as follows: Thomas Anderson (played by Keanu Reeves) is a dull and lifeless employee for a computer firm. He also lives a “secret” life as a hacker who sells some sort of illegal software. What he is involved in we can only guess, since the film hasn’t the time to tell us. Somehow, along the way, he has been brought into contact with a man named Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishburne), a notorious “terrorist” whom he has never actually met but has been seeking for some time. Thomas is given hints and clues

first of all by the mysterious Trinity (played by Carrie Ann Moss), who sends him messages on his computer that predicts coming events. Shortly thereafter, Thomas is hurled bodily into “the game,” and there he is left to run, hide, make the leap or plummet to his death. His engagement in this game begins when he is at work and receives a call from Morpheus, warning him that “they” are after him. Sure enough, the sinister men in black are at that precise moment being directed to his desk. Following intricate instructions from Morpheus (who appears to be able to see the entire layout of Thomas’s world as if he is looking at a map, or like a god looking down from on high), Thomas sneaks past the agents into an empty office. There Morpheus tells to make an improbable leap

to safety. He fails to make the leap, does not even try in fact, and allows himself to be captured by the government agents instead. He is taken into custody and while there is offered a deal which demands him to cooperate in the tracking of Morpheus, in return he will get a clean slate. When he refuses the deal, his world without warning warps into a nightmare, as the agent whose name is Smith (played by Hugo Weaving) literally wipes Thomas’s mouth off, leaving him speechless and in horror. The other agents hold him down as a mechanical, but living parasite-like cyber-organism is inserted into his body, through the naval. At this point, Thomas wakes up, as though from a dream. Little respite is allowed him, however, as he is promptly picked up by Morpheus’s team (also

dressed in black), held down in the back of the limo, and subjected to another bizarre procedure, as the parasite implant is removed. Thomas yells out in horror, “That thing is real?” By now we have no more clue than he does. As it turns out, it isn’t real, but then nothing else in his life is, either. When Thomas finally meets Morpheus, he finds a regal and highly stylish man with soft, seductive tones to match his name. In what is perhaps the most unforgettable part of the movie, Morpheus explains everything to Thomas. First of all, following his opening speech, he offers Thomas a choice. He can take a blue pill or a red pill. By taking the former, he will wake up again and all this will be just a dream. Take the red, however, and he goes through the looking glass and

finds out “how deep the rabbit hole goes”. Of course, he takes the red. His decision is already built into Morpheus’s offer, because, if it’s only a dream, why not take the red; and if it’s not, then why take the blue? But what Thomas undergoes as a result of the red pill is like every psychedelic seeker’s worst trip. As the betrayer Cypher (played by Joe Pantoliano) puts it, “Why-oh-why did I take that damn pill?” Thomas is torn from a very real world, and there given the hideous, literally mind-shattering Truth that he is a slave to an order of inorganic beings that until this moment, he did not even know existed. Morpheus explains that the year is not really 1999, that it is in fact closer to one century later, and that civilization has in the meantime already