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The Matrix Essay, Research Paper The first key element in an OOUI is, does a Product consist of a collection of cooperating objects is and views of objects. In the movie the two things that show this is the Matrix and the Constuct, because both of these places show you a world like simulator with objects being buildings, cars, and Kung Fu Dojos. The second element in an OOUI is, Icons representing objects that may be directly manipulated. The movies shows this when both the little boy and Neo bend spoons, and also when Neo grabs the rope and pull Trinity up. The thirs element in an OOUI is, Users opening objects into views on the desktop. In the movie this is done when Neo is fighting Morpheus in the Dojo and also when they are in the jumping simulator. The next element in an

OOUI is, that Folders and Notebooks are visual containers. The people inside the Matrix are somewhat a notebook and each building is a folder. The fifth element in an OOUI is, Providing users with the supplies needed to perform a task. The movie gives an example of this when Neo is provided the skills such as Kung Fu, and also provides Neo and Trinity with loads of guns. The sixth element of an OOUI is, Focus on inputs and outputs for objects and tasks. The movie shows this when Neo is taken out of the Matrix and when the crew loads into the Matrix. The next element involving an OOUI is, Releted tasks being supported by the use of other objects. The movies gives examples of this when the crew uses the phone to get out of the Matix and when Siffer is eating a meal that s is not

even there and is convinced to help out the agents and turn Morpheus in. The eighth item of an OOUI is, Flexible structure by an object. The movie shows this when Neo punch is fast and dodges the bullets and also when an angent goes into anybody they want. The ninth element of an OOUI is, Users should not get trapped in a single task. The movie does this when Morpheus finds and brings Neo out of the Matrix, and when Trinity and Neo rescue Morpheus. The tenth element in an OOUI is, Users should focus on common paradigms, like look and feel. The movie gives examples of this with the training programs, jumping simulator, and when Morpheus first shows Neo how the real world looks like. The next element in an OOUI is, Users may perform task in their own way or innovate. The movie

shows this when in the jumping simulator the ground is a jelloey trampoline, and when Neo and trinity go into the Matrix with all the weapons and try to save Morpheus. The final element of an OOUI is, the more reuse of the same object in many tasks. The movie shows this with the reuse of the cellular phones in each mission, and the reuse of all the guns. The last question is Who really is the User of the Matrix. I believe that Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and the rest of the resistance are the users, the agents are also users, and since nobody can do what these people do that makes them the only users of the Matrix. That s how the Matrix is related to an OOUI.