The Masters Of Puppets Essay Research Paper

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The Masters Of Puppets Essay, Research Paper With an unusual talent that attracts teenagers, Metallica had everything going, along with the appeal of black leather and long hair in the early-eighties. Their fans are so hardcore, and so in to them, it is almost like a religion (Metallica). If you are looking for hard-hitting heavy metal, a Metallica concert is where you want to be (Moshers). At the heart of Metallica s success lies the unity and collective strength of its four single personalities (Metallica). James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Jason Newsted, each bring something new to the table. Ulrich does the sorting of the business, Newsted is the man who is always live and looks for fans at all times, and Hammett is the spiritual one, while Hetfield just

“hangs out” (Metallica). Ulrich stated: “I believe that music history should be explored by music lovers. And I think people are short-changing themselves if they do not take a step back to understand, or even appreciate where things came from.” (Biography 1). Amid the mayhem, Metallica endured its share of hardship and tragedy (Metallica). The road, the horrors, the deaths, the breakings of arms, and burnings, they ware just challenges for us, explained Hetfield (Metallica). Through it all they set the standard for no compromise, straightforward heavy-metal mastery (Metallica). Metallica rose from garage band to global stadium phenomenon on their own terms. During the 1980 s dedication to a phenomenon known as heavy metal brought together two completely different men who

went on to form one of the most famous rock bands in the history of rock n roll (Clark 712). We knew from day one that this was going to be our lives and we were going to make this work no matter what, expressed Hetfield (Metallica). When Lars Ulrich, the son of a Danish tennis star, relocated to Los Angeles in 1980 he placed an ad in the Recycler, looking for fellow musicians who play heavy-metal (Clark 713). James Hetfield, the son of a trucker and an opera singer, answered the ad (Clark 713). In the fall of 1981, Ulrich got together with Hetfield, and added guitarist Lloyd Grant (Clark 713). Ulrich, Hetfield, and Grant recorded a track for a compilation album titled Metal Massacre on Metal Blade Records (Clark 713). On March 14, 1982, Metallica performed its first live show in

San Francisco (Clark 713). A friend, Ron Quintana, suggested the name Metallica (Rees and Crampton 572). The band s lineup for its first appearance was Ulrich and Hetfield, plus Ron McGovney on bass and Dave Mustaine on guitar (Clark 713). This was the first appearance of the original version of Metallica (Clark 713). Jeff Warner was added for vocals but was short-lived (Clark 713). His contribution to the band was through his connections; he introduced Metallica to Cliff Burton (Clark 713). Ulrich and Hetfield agreed that they must have Burton as part of the band. Burton was dissatisfied with the Los Angeles music scene and agreed to join Metallica only if they would move to San Francisco (Clark 713). Metallica, upset with the way Los Angeles was treating them, agreed to move to

San Francisco. The new lineup made its debut at Radio City Music Hall in Anaheim, California (Rees and Crampton 572). According to Ulrich, their best show in San Francisco was with a local band called Exodus, which featured Kirk Hammett on guitar (Clark 713). Megaforce Records signed Metallica for their first release and it was during this tour that Mustaine was asked to leave the band because of substance abuse (Clark 713). Mustaine later cut his solo debut album before forming the band Megadeth (Rees and Crampton 572). Hammett flew in from San Francisco to join the band and finished the tour after Mustaine had left; he soon became a regular member (Clark 713). In May, 1983, the new version of Metallica recorded Kill Em All (Hochman 714). Kill ‘Em All represented Metallica’s