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his presence was overpowering. he seemed to emit a kind of violent energy that sent chills down the colonel’s spine. as the multi-beast moved towards him, he raised his fist in anger and his voice filled the forest… oh, out near stonehendge, i lived alone, oh out near gamehendge, i chafed a bone. talk my duke a mountain, helping friendly book, in as far as fiefdom, i think you bad crook. i talked to my son roger, rutherford the same. when we had that meeting, over down near gamehendge. wilson, king of prussia, i lay this hate on you, wilson, duke of lizards, i beg it all trune for you. you got me back thinkin’ that you*re the worst one, i must inquire wilson, can you still have fun? Meanwhile, in the main square in prussia, the state of the revolution was taking another

turn for the worst. a crowd of people had gathered to witness the hanging of wilson*s account, mr. palmer. it seemed that palmer had been a revolutionary himself and had been exhorting wilson*s money to fund the revolution. palmer stood on the scaffold with wilson and the ac/dc bag, an electrified robot-hangman with a black bag over his head. wilson seemed pleased as he began to speak… mr. palmer is concerned with the thousand dollar question, just like roger he’s a crazy little kid. i*ve got the time if you’ve got the inclination so cheer up palmer, you*ll soon be dead. the noose is hanging, at least you won*t die wondering, sit up and take notice, tell it like it is. if i were near you i wouldn*t be far from you i*ve got the feeling you know what you did. time to put your

money where your mouth is, put *em in a field and let *em fight it out. i*m running so fast my feet don*t touch the ground, i*m a stranger here, i*m going down. let*s get down to the nitty gritty, let*s get the show on the road. i*ll so you mine if you show me yours, i*m breathing hard – open the door. brain dead, and made of money, no future at all. pull down the blinds and run for cover. who would*ve thought it, that*s where i am, no future at all, don*t sweat it, that*s where i am, whoa carry me down. By that night, news of palmer*s death had traveled back to the camp. spirits were low and colonel forbin felt devastated.