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behind. When he finally meets Mike he does conversations for three day and discovers that nothing matters but the tomatoes which Jimmy grows better and Mike is really upset about it. Later he, Mario meet a neighbor who is mentally challenged and is not capable of time realization. She tells Balzic she saw Mike kill Jimmy in her dreams. Balzic follows his instict and looks for the body and finds him. Frances can not stand it and goes crazy and even kills herself in her fathers house just 95 days after they found her dead husband. Mike gets into court but is freed since it would not help the public if he is convicted. He dies one year later, alone in between his tomatoes that bloom better than ever before. All gets solved, the negotiations end with a triumph for the police

department and Balzic has more time for his family and simple police matters such as parking tickets. Reading this detective novel was not always easy due to the writers vulgar street language associated with the region around Pennsylvania. However it made the book seem more real so that is was believable. while The author gives a deep description of the main character, which I think sometimes made it seem to long till he came to the point where he actually said what he wanted to say. Even though the book is with 174 pages considerably short it took me forever to read it since it was not as gripping as the back of the book promised. If I would have read the last 10 pages I could have saved my self a lot of time while I did not enjoy reading this book.