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in order to try and prevent any possible future attacks. Soon the foreign policy changed once again. Stalin and Hitler started negotiations and came up with the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact. As a result of no longer having to worry about Russia, Hitler immediately invaded Poland and thus began World War Two. The effects of Stalin?s foreign policies were extensive and far-reaching. Through them, Stalin helped to bring Hitler to power and consequently unleashed great devastation upon himself and the world. As I examine Stalin?s efforts on behalf of his country, I can see that he genuinely desired to encourage progress. He made great improvements to both industry and agriculture; he better educated the people and he introduced them to the world of science. He raised the standard

of living and in general, modernized Russia. Unfortunately, none of these improvements were long term. What has been long term however, are the lives that were lost, the sacrifices that were made by the people, the hardships that the country has gone through, and what they continue to go through as they struggle to maintain their place in the world. As I review Stalin?s policies and their effects it becomes clear to me that the results of his efforts could never balance the lives and freedoms that he, himself has cost. Bibliography Krieger, S. Larry, Neill, Kenneth, Jantzen, L. Steven, WORLD HISTORY: Perspectives on the past, D.C.Health and Company, 1992 Howarth, Tony TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY: the world since 1900 USA, Longman inc, New York Cavendish, Marshall ?Stalin.? The

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