The Man Of My Life Essay Research

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The Man Of My Life Essay, Research Paper The Man of my Life On January 16, 1994, something happened that changed my life forever. My parents and I were going to spend the day at the lake, because it was a beautiful day. My dad was happier than ever, but then two thieves came inside the house to kill him. It was a mistake. The thieves thought he was someone else. I was there when this happened, and I almost got killed too. This has affected me in many ways. I miss having a man loving me. My heart has become softer, and I feel responsible for my mom’s well being. One year after his death, I began looking for the right man for me. Since I have four other sisters, my dad was the only man in the house. I wanted someone to love me the same way he loved me, someone protective,

careful, polite, intelligent, and with a big heart. Because of this, in every relationship that I have had, I have given all my heart. I have not found the right man yet, and I really miss my dad’s love. My philosophy teacher from high school told me once, that I have to give everything that I have inside of me but always being smart. I have learned it is the best way to do everything, so my heart has become softer. She told me that I had to forgive the two thieves if I wanted to be happy. It was hard, but I did it. I guess that if one day they ask me for some water, I will give them some, because God is the one who is going to judge them, not me. My dad was a very strict man. He loved my mom, so he wanted me to respect her and to do everything she said. This is why since he

passed away, I feel responsible for my mom’s well being. I am the only one who lives with her. She always wanted to take good care of me. When I got pregnant at the age of 16, I knew my mom was not going to feel proud of me. If my dad were still alive, this would never have happened to me. I took advantage of her and she knows it. I have been trying to make it up to her, because I know she misses having a man by her side. This has been a very hard experience for me. I not only saw a crime; I saw how my dad was murdered. Since that day, I cannot see blood because I get too nervous. Whenever I see a dad playing with his children, I really miss having my dad around. I believe that eventhough I am doing well in my life, I will always have that sunny day on my mind, and the many

things that my dad taught me in such a short time.