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the wall, laughing and thinking, This man is insane, laughing and seeing stars while people outside looked like zigzagged pencil doodles running through the deluge.? The boys acted like this every night. I don?t really like how this whole book was basically nothing but sex talk. This author must have had a lot on his mind while writing it, because he wrote very seldom about the daytime and when he did, he?d write about the Mambo King and his band finding some girl in an alleyway that they?d like to have sex with later that night. And when he was writing about the nighttime, he?d give these very clear-imaged details that I really didn?t want to hear about. I can?t really say as to why I think he wrote about all of this because I couldn?t find barely any information on him except

what I already knew. He grew up in a good household with good parents as what I?ve heard, so I?m not really sure as to how he got so much ?sex-influencing talk? inside of him. I didn?t really learn much from this book just because it was a fiction story. It started off in the city of Havana, Cuba, but the Mambo King and his band then left shortly after to go to the United States, and so they were in the states most of the time. Also, they didn?t talk much about their locations. They stayed in Miami for a really long time and when they did travel, Oscar just said that they were traveling on ?the road.? But other than that, I know a little bit about the culture of Havana now because he talked about his homeland a few times, and the culture of it.