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demonstrated that serial killers were abused as children, to one degree or another. The levels and types of abuse vary widely from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse to simple neglect. The abuses may be full Serial Killer 6 forced and obvious, or very subtle and not so easily identified. The most important factor in the abuse has appeared to be how it was perceived by the child (Keppel and Birnes, 1997). When the child felt the abuse was unwarranted it was seen as much harsher than in situations where they felt that the parents had a reasonable justification to beat or neglect them. In other words, if the child felt that they deserved to be punished for something, they did not see it as abuse. Another common factor among the interviewed serial killers appears to be their

relationships, or lack thereof, with their families. It has been shown that the future killers did not learn to inter-act sufficiently with members of their families. The relationships were strained, and sometimes nonexistent. The significance of this is that by not learning how to relate to family members, they were also not learning how to relate to other members of society. If they were not taught to value their relationships within the family unit, how could they have learned to value those outside that family? These behaviours combine and continue to worsen as the child matures. Without early psychological intervention, the possibility of a child reared under these circumstances becoming a murderer, and specifically a serial killer, increase dramatically (Holmes, 1989).

Unfortunately there is not a perfect solution for stopping serial killers, even with such accurate indicators during childhood. Study of previously convicted serial killers has certainly been an aid in understanding the motivations behind behaviours, however it is not conducive to stopping serial killers before they commit their crimes. Knowing the indicators of a possible serial killer type of personality Serial Killer 7 does not allow the medical, psychological, or legal communities to prevent the murders that are likely to occur. Research into this phenomenon will only assist in its prevention when parents of these children learn to understand the possible consequences of abusive actions, understand the warning signs in childhood behaviour, and undertake to prevent the

tragedies that could result by securing psychological assistance for a child displaying these indicators.