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raise. Not only had Eva risen in the entertainment field, to become a popular radio star, but she was beginning to socialize in more political circles too. History took a sharp turn on January 15, 1944. An earthquake struck 500 miles west of Buenos Aires. Thousands of people were killed, and many were left without homes. National sympathy prompted a huge fund raising drive and all of the personalities of the day came to lend their support. Eva?s date for the evening was Colonel Imbert. This event would not only change the lives of the victims of San Juan, but of Eva Duarte, the actress. Colonel Juan Per?n was also in attendance that night. Eva knew who he was and arranged an introduction. It was love at first sight for Eva, and she made sure that Colonel Per?n was not lonely

during the gala. Eva?s description of ?the marvelous day? that she met Per?n probably sums up her feelings best: ?I put myself at his side. Perhaps this drew his attention to me and when he had time to listen to me I spoke up as best I could: ?If, as you say, the cause of the people is your own cause, however great the sacrifice I will never leave your side until I die.?? Eva was true to her word, and from that day on she became inseparable from Juan Per?n. Throughout his rise in the military, through his arrest, and through his election Eva stood by his side. Eva was going to become a new woman, Evita. No longer the poor country girl, no longer the struggling actress, but the right-hand of the President of Argentina. A First Lady. Skidmore, Thomas, & Smith, Peter. (1997)

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