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rich shared with poor lots of the converts were poor. The rich merchants and the religious leaders did not like Muhammad and the Muslims were persecuted. After some threats on his life in 632 AD he sent 60 families to Yathrib and then followed them in secret, this was later known as the Hjrah immigration. 622 AD also know on the Muslim calendar as the first year. Muhammad became the rules of Yathris then it was called Medinch al-Neb or Madinah ”the city of the prophet.’ ‘The Madinch Compact of 624 A.D. was the foundation of Islam state. Muhammad was the Judge and commander in chief. They extended protection, to Jews and Christians who accepted Islam s political authority. Makkems invaded Yathrib and the Muslims fought in self-defense. The Makkans were defeated. And the

Muslims won support of the Arab groups outside of Madinsh. They later invaded Makkah and hod little resistance. They accepted Islamic Religion and Muhammad. They destroyed idols, and turned the shrine of Prophet Abraham into a place of worship. Makkah was the spiritual capital and Mdinth into the political capital. In 631 AD the Arabian Peninsula was supported by an army representing each of the Arab tribes. Muhammad later died at Madinah in 632 AD believing The Quran was the divine messages from God over a period of 22 years. It was written down or memorized that was compiled into a written collection (Quran) is the final matters of faith and lifestyles. It was written in Arabic. It is stories, teachings, and exhortations of what is written in the Bible. Values Basic Moral

values in the Quran are similar to Christianity and Judaism. Murder, lying, stealing and adultery are condemned. Honor parents, protect widows and orphans, show kindness to neighbors and give money to the poor. They weren’t allowed to eat pork, drink alcohol; ambling. They have rules for marriage, divorce, family life business practices, and property inheritances. Law is not separated from religion. There is no rated in order of clergy. Sharii’ ah organization moral principles into a body of law. Five pillars of Islam faith Confessions of faith: “There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.” All Muslims are required to submit to god’s will as given in the Quran. Muhammad role is stress in the Confession that he is just the messenger and not divines.

Muslims think that he is the last and the greatest of the Prophets. They see life as a preparation of Judgement Day. And when they rise from the grave, they will be judged for their actions (heaven or hell). Allah is also the god of the Jews, Christians, Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. They are all considered to be prophets. Muslims have great respect for the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity. They believe that the Arabs are descendents of Ishmael, son of Abraham. Prayer: They pray five times a day sunrise, noon, afternoon, sunset and evening facing Makkah using the same motion and words. They kneel, bow, and touch their foreheads to the ground (sign of submission). They pray no matter what. Friday at noon in a mosque (shrine, court, school, and shelter). Imam (leader of the

prayer) can be any male with the proper religious training. Alms are charity done privately and a state tax. Fasting: Is in the month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the Ariabian calendar). They can not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. After the fasting they have a three-day feast. Children sick and pregnant women are exempt. Cannon sounds for the prayers. Pilgrimage- (Haji) everyone goes to Makkah at least once in their life. Once they go they are honored in their community. Haji is two months and ten days after Ramadum fast. They have three days of ceremony, prayer, and sacrifice. Now they worship at Kaaba, Nakkah, and Madinah. It is a visible expression of unity and an expression of ideas. Role of Women “Men are responsible for women”. Womens postion is largely defined

by her relationship with her male relatives and Husbands. They stopped the tribal killing of baby girls. They limited polygamy down to 4 wives. But they had to be equal to each other. Women had control over her own property and she could inherit property from her father and remarry. Their lives are invested into the family and household. Muhammad was dubbed the prophet of Allah, the only god. He was considered last in line of prophets they went from Abraham to Jesus. Islam spread fairly fast, it went from Spain in the west to India in the east only a century after Muhammad’s death. Muslims believe that Muhammad was visited by Jibreel (the angel Gabriel) and given the duty of converting his countrymen from their pagan ways. There are two mains texts that used Qur’an and