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of her brother because he followed her in the effort to reunite France. The resentment Joan s father had for her because of her brother s death only made it more difficult for Joan to recover from the point of rock bottom. When Joan finally went home to visit her family her mother was ecstatic to see her but her father still carried a grudge. Not until Joan was preparing to leave again did her father tell her that he wasn t angry anymore and he thought she was doing the right thing. This gave Joan the added strength and encouragement she needed to continue. When Joan is sent to Compiegne to help its people stop the English from invading she is captured and put on trial for heresy. During her trial she admitted that there never was a sign given to her by St. Catherine. She was

found to be a heretic by the Catholic Church and burned at the stake in the village of Beauvais. All heroes change somehow during there fight for goodness. As Seger points out, we need to see the hero changed at the end, resurrected into a new type of life (311). Joan s ordeal before being reborn was the Battle of Orleans. Going into the battle she was doubtful about her identity as the Maid of Lorraine. After the battle and her injury, she truly believed she was the Maid of Lorraine. This impacted the people of France because winning the Battle of Orleans proved to them that Joan really was the Maid of Lorraine. The myth Joan of Arc can be applied to modern day culture in a number of ways including single mothers, people fighting diseases, people who are unsure of where they

want to go with their lives. First, single mothers work very hard to provide for their children and would fight with all they ve got for their children s sake. Sometimes things can be pretty rough for a family with one parent and the parent has to be the strong one in the family. This parent has no choice but prevail in whatever obstacles are presented. Secondly, people that are fighting diseases have many obstacles to overcome. This is especially true in those who have been in remission and their disease comes back. These people have to have the same strength and courage that Joan of Arc had when she went back to fight a battle to help the people of Compiegne after her father forgave her. Lastly, there are many people, especially in college, that are planning what they want to

do with their lives. Very often college students change their mind about what they want to do with their lives multiple times. This is especially scary and stressful to students who are Juniors and Seniors that still are not certain of their choice about their major. This is where courage comes in. They need to have the same courage in sticking with a field of study that Joan had in fighting to for France. Joan of Arc was an extraordinary girl in her time and her accomplishments are still considered extraordinary. She left her family to ask a King that she has never seen before for an army to fight to reunite her country. She does this only because she claimed to have received signs from St. Catherine. For someone to break away from the comfort of their home and fight for

something that big requires much courage and strength. Joan led an army using her instincts to win battles and won the honor and respect of the people of France. Perhaps, more people in today s society need to follow their instincts and not be so concerned with what people will think just as Joan did. Works Cited Seger, Linda. Creating the Myth. Signs of Life in the USA: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers. 3rd ed. Ed. Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin s, 2000. 308-17.