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foul means. Macbeth has a choice not to be tempted, yet he chooses to be tempted. The same temptation is given to Banquo. Banquo choose to resist it. Though he knows that his sons will succeed after Macbeth, he does not let evil to harm him. So, the Macbeths can blame no one, but themselves. Lady Macbeth is to be sympathized. She persuades Macbeth to seize power just because she loves him. She just does what an ordinary wife should do, to support her husband and to help him to the road of success. She doesn’t know that the murder of Duncan will fasten the downfall of Macbeth. On the contrary, Macbeth is not to be sympathized, yet he is a tragic hero. He deserves his own downfall. Macbeth is a man full of courage and bravery to start with. He is highly praised by Duncan and

supported by people. However, he is not satisfied with what he has already got. He is like an ordinary man like you and I. He has a flaw, that is his greed and lust for power .He cannot withstand temptation and he wants to change fate. He commits more and more inexcusable crimes. However, fate cannot be changed. That provokes victims under his tyranny like Macduff to revenge on him. Those bloody businesses, instead of securing his power, have fastened his downfall. He falls from grace and power. He loses faith and admiration of his people. Even Lady Macbeth is no longer there to support him. He has a tragic ending. He deserves it. If he can withstand the temptation and does not allow his inner evil to prevail, he would not have had such a dreadful ending. That’s why, he is not

to be sympathized. In conclusion, “this butcher and his fiend-like queen” is partly a fair comment on the characters of the Macbeths. It worth to say so, but they are not butcher and fiend all through. Lady Macbeth is to be sympathized but Macbeth is not. He is a classic tragic hero who falls from grace due to his uncontrolled ambition. From it, I realize that all evilness comes from human weakness. If you cannot control your hidden ambition, you will have your downfall and self-destruction like the courageous soldier Macbeth and have a tragic end.